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100 Copts Arrested In Libya

hands shackledhands shackledVoice of the Copts strongly condemns the round-up, detention and presumed torture of Egyptian Copts in Benghazi, Libya being held for allegedly proselytizing Christianity which is illegal in that country. Evidence of such offense is yet unsubstantiated as facts cited by the arresting body keep changing. Furthermore, the charges are highly suspect given they follow recent attacks on a Coptic church.  
Now after more than a week captive, the Egyptian prisoners from Upper Egypt, who live and work temporarily in Libya, are strongly believed to be denied their human rights in violation of international law.  
Silence from Egyptian authorities regarding this incident is only expected since its Islamist government is known to degrade minorities inside Egypt. Complacency by the Egyptian Foreign Ministry allowing possible abuses of imprisoned Egyptians in Libya and their arrest to continue unquestioned is reminiscent of tacit government approval by Egyptian officials toward the frequent Muslim attacks on Copts and their churches throughout Egypt.  
Voice of the Copts requests western leaders and human rights organizations around the world to intervene to ascertain fair hearings for the Egyptians as soon as possible. 
Outside attorneys must be allowed to consult Egyptians inside Libyan prisons to give them opportunity for a proper defense. 
Libya must open its prisons for inspection and observation of its treatment of detainees consistent with Geneva Convention requirements.

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