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06/27/2015 am30 07:53
al-qaeda-confirms-american-spokesman-was-killedAl-Qaeda has confirmed that an American drone strike earlier this year killed its English-language spokesman, a California native known as Azzam the American, AFP reported Thursday, citing the SITE Intelligence Group.   In a special issue of the terrorist group’s English-language magazine...
06/26/2015 pm30 20:42
pa-kids-soccer-team-named-after-glick-s-shooterIn a youth soccer tournament just outside of Jerusalem held for the Muslim fast month of Ramadan, the Palestinian Authority (PA) has made clear what kind of person it views as a role model for children under its rule: cold-blooded...
06/26/2015 pm30 19:54
eight-iranian-volunteers-killed-fighting-isis-in-syriaEight Iranian fighters have been buried in Iran Thursday after they were killed fighting ISIS in Syria, according to Iranian state media.   Three of the men, all of whom were described as "volunteers," were buried in the capital Tehran, while the...
06/26/2015 pm30 19:18
islamic-state-making-gains-across-syriaIslamic State terrorists reentered the Syrian Kurdish battleground town of Kobane on Thursday, detonating a suicide bomb and battling Kurdish forces, a monitoring group said, according to AFP.    "ISIS detonated a suicide bomb in the area near the border crossing with...
06/26/2015 pm30 19:05
isis-suicide-bombers-strike-near-children-s-hospitalTwo suicide bombers from the Islamic State (ISIS) group have killed 10 Syrian soldiers in the northeastern city of Hasakeh, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Wednesday.   Separately, at least 13 civilians were killed in a car bomb attack against...

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