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03/01/2015 am31 10:26
kurds-blocking-return-of-arabs-to-disputed-iraq-areasKurdish forces have prevented displaced Arabs from returning to disputed areas of Iraq that Kurdish leaders want to incorporate in their autonomous region over Baghdad's objections, a report said Thursday.   Human Rights Watch warned the Kurdistan regional government against meting out...
03/01/2015 am31 10:05
220-assyrian-christians-abducted-by-islamic-stateIslamic State terrorists have abducted 220 Assyrian Christians from villages in northeastern Syria in recent days, a monitoring group said Thursday, more than twice as many as previously reported.   "No fewer than 220 Assyrian citizens (of Syria) were abducted by ISIS...
03/01/2015 am31 07:34
1-000-assyrian-christian-families-flee-syria-jihadistsNearly 1,000 Assyrian Christian families have fled their homes in northeastern Syria after jihadists kidnapped dozens of members of their community, an activist said on Wednesday.     Osama Edward, director of the Sweden-based Assyrian Human Rights Network, said they had fled...
02/26/2015 am28 07:38
susan-rice-netanyahu-speech-destructive-to-us-relationshipUS National Security Adviser Susan Rice said Tuesday that Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu's March 3 speech in Congress is "destructive" to the relationship between the two countries.   Rice made the comments in an interview with Charlie Rose on PBS.    "The relationship between...
02/26/2015 am28 06:57
netanyahu-s-siren-call-to-congress-must-be-heededIt seems Netanyahu’s crime is not so much a breach of diplomatic protocol, but rather, opposing the Administration’s position on making concessions to Iran. But don't the American citizens deserve a debate?   On March 3rd, despite conflicting opinions on the wisdom...

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