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01/25/2015 pm31 20:57
france-arrests-russians-over-new-terror-attack-plotFrance arrested five Russians Tuesday accused of plotting a new attack as four men suspected of helping the gunmen behind the Paris shootings were brought before anti-terrorist judge.   European nations, on high alert after the attacks that shook France to its...
01/25/2015 pm31 20:22
italy-six-men-convicted-of-spreading-anti-semitic-ideasA Rome court on Tuesday convicted six men of spreading pro-fascist and anti-Semitic ideas with banners, posters and graffiti in the Italian capital, according to The Associated Press (AP).   A 1993 law forbids use of slogans, gestures and actions evoking Nazi...
01/25/2015 am31 08:57
more-australian-women-join-isisIncreasing numbers of young women are altering the profile of Australians joining the Islamic State (IS) group in Iraq and Syria, Attorney-General George Brandis said Saturday, enticed by the "false glamor" of the organization.   "At an earlier time, perhaps even six...
01/25/2015 am31 08:49
syrian-opposition-agree-on-10-point-plan-for-radical-changeSyria's opposition factions called Saturday for "radical democratic change" in the war-torn country ahead of April talks aimed at unifying their plan for a political solution to the conflict, AFP reports.   In a two-day conference held in Cairo, the regime-tolerated opposition...
01/24/2015 pm31 20:18
obama-s-state-of-the-union-the-thrill-is-goneIt is good to be an American. That was the gist of President Barack Obama’s speech tonight before a packed house – mostly Republicans.   Few were smiling.   The President focused on the economy, which he did gladly, since both unemployment and gas...

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