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04/24/2014 am30 09:32
team-obama-considers-israel-a-hostile-powerThere is no point in looking to Obama for salvation, unless you are part of the Muslim Brotherhood.   The silence of American Jewry and the conspiracy of the liberal media in the church of the Democratic Party is deafening and shocking...
04/24/2014 am30 08:55
abbas-denies-condemning-hevron-murderPalestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas's office wasted no time on Wednesday in denying reports that he condemned the terrorist attack the occurred near Hevron on Monday.   The attack left Chief Superintendent Baruch Mizrahi dead and two others, including his pregnant...
04/24/2014 am30 08:02
clashes-erupt-between-jordan-syriaJordanian air forces destroyed a number of armored vehicles on Wednesday as they crossed the border from war-torn Syria, increasing fears of the sectarian conflict spilling into new territory after more than three years of civil war.    "Royal air force jets...
04/24/2014 am30 07:45
former-iss-head-diskin-has-become-a-threat-to-israelYuval Diskin’s reputation as a former chief of Israel’s Shin Bet Security Services has always protected him from criticism. But Diskin must be exposed for what he really is: a threat to the Jewish people.   Diskin was one of the six...
04/23/2014 pm30 18:06
mystery-gaza-blast-kills-three-wounds-fiveAn explosion in Gaza killed three people and wounded five on Wednesday, a medical official said, but the reason for the blast was unclear.   The three killed were already dead on their arrival at hospital, and all were in their 20s,...

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