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01/31/2015 pm31 19:30
never-again-in-europe-is-just-a-meaningless-sloganOn Monday, award-winning actor Sir Ben Kingsley charged that Europe never really grieved the Holocaust, and as a result has never properly come to terms with what happened, nor achieved real atonement for its crimes. As a result, he warned,...
01/31/2015 pm31 18:02
the-future-of-jews-in-france-the-land-of-apartheidJanuary 20th marked the first time a prime minister of any Western nation admitted there is “apartheid” in his country. French Prime Minister Manuel Valls stated this fact to journalists less than 2 weeks after the January Charlie Hebdo and...
01/31/2015 am31 08:38
charliehebdomaniaThe sale of seven million copies of the magazine Charlie Hebdo featuring a front page cartoon depicting an image purporting to be that of Muhammad has brought forth its first bloody response from the Islamic world – Niger – where...
01/29/2015 pm31 22:14
only-israel-not-europe-can-stand-up-to-islamFrance's puerile educational response - and for that matter, Europe's general response - to the Charlie Hebdo and supermarket massacres, is worse than useless.   That the French ruling class had understood little or nothing of the massacres at Charlie Hebdo and...
01/27/2015 pm31 21:38
ny-times-lethal-anti-israel-journalism-strikes-againSince the world is at peace, Rudoren has nothing to do except find a few IDF soldiers who badmouth the Six Day War.   Like the White House, the New York Times is potentially guilty of incitement to genocide and defamation; certainly,...

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