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03/27/2015 pm31 16:49
saudi-offensive-coincides-with-us-airstrikes-in-tikritEarlier this morning, Saudi Arabia launched a joint Arab League-Pakistani operation against Houthi rebels in Yemen called Operation Decisive Storm.   The Houthis are Zaydi Shiites, who the Iranian regime has begun to back with weapons and resources in their march across...
03/25/2015 pm31 18:47
a-new-war-against-the-oldest-hatredAnti-Semitism and anti-Zionism — two sides of the same coin — are raging anew. They are brutally alive in the Middle East, Europe and even here in America.   Yet now, at long last, there is some pushback, at least on the...
03/24/2015 pm31 23:42
senator-feinstein-is-another-rabbi-wiseIn what was perhaps the most despicable, low-point of the Obama-engineered political assassination attempt against Prime Minister Netanyahu, California Senator Diane Feinstein - on CNN's State of the Union - said, "He [Netanyahu] doesn’t speak for me on this, I...
03/24/2015 pm31 22:31
jihadist-syrian-rebels-capture-regime-helicopter-take-hostagesIslamist rebels captured four crew members of a regime helicopter which crashed in the Idlib province of northwest Syria on Sunday, while a fifth serviceman was killed, a monitor said, reported AFP.   "A regime helicopter was forced to land in the...
03/23/2015 am31 08:48
the-real-israel-stands-with-netanyahuOne of the icons of Israeli leftist culture, Joshua Sobol, during the campaign against Benjamin Netanyahu, defined religious Jews as stupid “mezuzah kissers”. This anti-religious perfidy contains the secret of the defeat of the Zionist Camp and the impressive victory...

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