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07/21/2014 pm31 18:09
egyptian-cleric-hamas-conspiring-against-the-palestinian-peopleA prominent Salafi Islamist cleric in Egypt has called on Egyptians not to support Hamas in its war against Israel, accusing the Muslim Brotherhood-aligned terrorist group of being part of a joint Shia-communist plot to harm the "Palestinian people".   While reminding...
07/18/2014 pm31 15:57
egypt-s-al-sisi-struggles-for-democracy-fights-terrorismSome would say Egypt now leads the world in the war against terror, and Egyptians are relieved to see punishment for Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood backers. Concerned with Egypt’s “overall stability” during his June visit to Cairo, John Kerry cautioned President...
07/18/2014 am31 00:54
the-world-just-does-not-care-so-let-the-idf-winWe Jews often claim that we are subject to a double standard – and we often are.  We claim that Israel is judged differently – and she is. Yet, sometimes we should accept the fact that the world just does...
07/17/2014 pm31 18:57
idf-spokesman-we-re-dealing-hamas-a-powerful-blowIDF spokesman Brigadier General Moti Almoz said on Thursday night that the IDF was dealing the terrorists in Gaza a powerful blow.   Addressing the media as the IDF launched a ground operation in Gaza, Almoz called on the residents of Gaza...
07/17/2014 pm31 12:55
iraqi-forces-withdraw-from-isis-held-tikritIraq state forces have retreated from the northern Iraqi city of Tikrit, held by Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants, after a renewed effort to take back the city was met with heavy opposition, according to a soldier...

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