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12/26/2014 pm31 17:11
gaza-deploying-security-forces-along-border-following-gunfireThe Ministry of the Interior in Gaza is deploying security forces on the border with Israel and intensifying its presence in the area in order to prevent Palestinian Arabs from crossing into Israel from Gaza without documents, the Ma’an news...
12/25/2014 pm31 13:01
bibi-froze-zionism-now-jerusalem-is-on-fireWhen I first heard about the decision by the Tel Aviv municipality to cancel school trips to Jerusalem, citing security concerns, I must admit my reaction was one of borderline derision. Indeed, those who are actually acquainted with the reality...
12/25/2014 am31 09:06
expose-terrorists-are-the-best-british-studentsNot poverty-stricken, not misfits and not mentally ill. These are simply murderers.   Not the dispossessed, not those, quoting Karl Marx, who would only lose their own chains.   Professor Anthony Glees has compared them to the German terrorist organization Baader-Meinhof: “A movement of...
12/24/2014 pm31 18:18
abbas-threatens-palestinian-people-will-explodePalestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas was quoted Sunday as saying diplomatic means are his weapon of choice in the battle against Israel instead of inciting terrorism - and then went on to threaten terrorism.   "I won't talk about using weapons...
12/24/2014 pm31 17:54
egypt-s-sisi-meets-qatari-envoyEgypt said Saturday it aims to end differences with Qatar, as President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi met with an envoy from the Gulf emirate, reports AFP.   Ties between Cairo and Doha deteriorated after Sisi, who was then the army chief, ousted Mohammed...

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