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12/28/2014 am31 08:14
is-israel-missing-an-opportunityIs it Israel that misses an opportunity to gain an opportunity?   It is passing strange that Israel is pressed endlessly by friends and foes alike to negotiate a so-called peace agreement with the Palestinian Arabs, even though the self-proclaimed Palestinian Authority...
12/28/2014 am31 07:25
what-makes-islamic-state-so-attractiveWhy are young people rushing to join IS? The fact that Islamic State (formerly Daesh or ISIS/ISIL) is highly popular in the Islamic world cannot be ignored. Not a day goes by without reading about large numbers of people from all...
12/27/2014 pm31 16:00
why-and-when-was-the-myth-of-al-aqsa-createdHow did Jerusalem become so important to Muslims?   The importance of Jerusalem for Jews and Christians is beyond dispute, since the connection of this city to Judaism and Christianity is part of universal concepts about history and theology. However, when it...
12/27/2014 am31 11:44
israeli-team-searching-for-remains-of-missing-soldiers-in-egyptAn Israeli delegation is reportedly in Egypt Thursday to search for the remains of 22 missing soldiers.   According to Egyptian media reports, the delegation arrived early this morning from Amman, Jordan. The bodies are believed to include those of 16 soldiers...
12/27/2014 am31 06:47
netanyahu-is-no-coward-but-obama-is-a-liarThe real reason Israel did not attack Iran is just part of it.   PM Netanyahu has been a brave Israeli Prime Minister on the Iranian nuclear issue.  Why?  The entire present-day country of Iran is rung with huge difficult mountains.  In...

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