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11/17/2015 am30 07:45
syria-al-qaeda-rebels-kill-key-isis-commanderThe leader of a jihadist Syrian rebel faction that had pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group (ISIS) was killed Sunday in a suicide attack by rival jihadists, a monitoring group said.     "Abu Ali al-Baridi, head of Al-Yarmuk Martyrs Brigade...
11/16/2015 pm30 12:25
obama-us-had-no-precise-intelligence-warning-of-paris-attacksUS President Barack Obama said Monday the United States had no precise intelligence warning of the Paris bombing and shooting attacks that have been claimed by Islamic State (ISIS) jihadists.   The United States has agreed to speed up its sharing of...
11/15/2015 pm30 13:26
al-aqsa-preacher-israel-lying-about-temple-mount preacher at the Al-Aqsa Mosque on Friday accused Israel of “lying” when it says the Temple Mount is holy to Jews.   The preacher, Mohammed Salim, declared that the compound belongs solely to Muslims, claiming that the proof is in its name...
11/14/2015 pm30 23:49
israel-declares-war-on-palestinian-red-crescentFollowing reports that a Red Crescent ambulance passed by the site of Friday's deadly terrorist attack and ignored the victims as they lay dying, the Israeli government will be launching an international campaign against the organization, which in principle does...
11/14/2015 pm30 13:13
isis-paris-terrorist-entered-europe-as-a-refugeeA Syrian passport found by police at the scene of the mass shooting in a Paris concert hall belonged to an asylum seeker who registered on a Greek island in October, a Greek minister said Saturday.   "We confirm that the Syrian...

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