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04/27/2015 pm30 14:52
top-iranian-general-says-us-carried-out-9-11One of Iran's most senior military commanders has claimed that the United States engineered the September 11 terrorist attacks in order to sow Sunni-Shia strife, in the latest variation of a conspiracy theory confined to the fringes in the west...
04/27/2015 am30 09:55
end-of-unity-pa-unity-govt-cuts-contact-with-hamasThe unity government fraught with high tensions since being formed between Hamas and the leading Palestinian Authority (PA) faction Fatah last April appears to be closer then ever to a collapse, as the unity government cut contact with Hamas on...
04/25/2015 pm30 22:22
erdogan-isis-is-a-virus-working-to-destroy-muslimsTurkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday referred to the Islamic State (ISIS) group as a “virus” working to destroy the Muslim community, in one of his strongest attacks yet against the jihadist group.   Ankara has been repeatedly criticized in recent...
04/25/2015 pm30 20:55
syria-42-dead-in-clashes-between-rebelsAt least 42 fighters were killed in 24 hours of fierce fighting between Islamist rebels and the Islamic State group in Syria's Damascus province, a monitoring group said Wednesday.   "At least 30 Islamist rebels and 12 fighters from ISIS were killed...
04/25/2015 pm30 12:50
yemen-rejects-iran-s-peace-planYemen’s Foreign Minister, Riyad Yassin, underlined on Sunday Yemen’s rejection of the “four-point peace plan” that Iran has submitted to the UN Secretary General and the President of the Security Council.   FM Yassin reiterated last week’s letter of total rejection of...

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