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09/12/2014 am30 11:15
al-shabaab-names-new-leader-threatens-enemiesThe Somali Al-Shabaab terrorist group confirmed on Saturday that its leader Ahmed Godane had been killed in a U.S. airstrike this week and named a new leader, Reuters reported.   U.S. forces struck Godane's encampment in south-central Somalia with Hellfire missiles and...
09/12/2014 am30 07:25
pentagon-confirms-al-shabaab-leader-killed-in-airstrikeThe Pentagon confirmed on Friday that Ahmed Abdi Godane, leader of the Somali Al-Shabaab terrorist group, was killed in a U.S. airstrike in Somalia this week, Reuters reported.   "We have confirmed that Ahmed Godane, the co-founder of Al-Shabaab, has been killed,"...
09/12/2014 am30 07:07
canadians-held-us-journalists-hostage-in-syriaAt least three Canadians who joined Islamic State (IS; formerly known as ISIS) and other Al Qaeda-offshoot groups in Syria were directly involved in abducting and interrogating two US journalists, CBC News confirmed earlier this week.   Sources told the Canadian news...
09/11/2014 pm30 20:08
danish-mosque-declares-open-support-for-islamic-stateThe Grimhøjmoskeen mosque in Aarhus, Denmark, has openly declared support for Islamic State (IS; formerly known as ISIS), claiming a state under Sharia law is a matter of national-religious pride.    “An Islamic state will always be what Muslims long for, therefore...
09/07/2014 pm30 20:23
senior-leaders-of-islamic-state-eliminated-in-airstrikesThe leadership of the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) terrorist group in Syria and Iraq took a sharp blow on Thursday, as roughly 20 senior figures, including a top aide to IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, were killed in airstrikes...

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