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07/02/2015 am31 09:38
new-plo-unity-government-talks-reach-impasseThe saga continues as the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) negotiations with Hamas and Islamic Jihad continue to sputter in their attempts to form a new unity government, after Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas dissolved the last dysfunctional government earlier...
06/30/2015 pm30 14:13
pflp-says-fatah-hamas-unity-government-won-t-happenThe Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) began holding negotiations with the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terror organizations on Saturday to form a new unity government, but according to a senior member of the Communist terror group Popular Front for the Liberation...
06/30/2015 pm30 12:30
tunisia-searching-for-more-suspects-in-beach-attackThe student who carried out Friday’s terrorist attack on a Tunisian beach acted alone during the attack but had accomplices who supported him beforehand, an Interior Ministry official said Sunday, according to The Associated Press (AP).   Police were searching nationwide for...
06/29/2015 pm30 23:36
what-happens-if-the-iran-deal-goes-bad"United with Israel," billed as the Global Movement for Israel, has released a video it calls "horrifying beyond belief," entitled, "Here's What Happens if the Iran Deal Goes Bad."   The timing of the release is chilling, as reports begin arriving that...
06/27/2015 am30 07:53
al-qaeda-confirms-american-spokesman-was-killedAl-Qaeda has confirmed that an American drone strike earlier this year killed its English-language spokesman, a California native known as Azzam the American, AFP reported Thursday, citing the SITE Intelligence Group.   In a special issue of the terrorist group’s English-language magazine...

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