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08/17/2014 am31 08:57
hamas-admits-harassing-deporting-journalists-who-filmed-rocketsIn a remarkably candid interview on Lebanese TV, the head of foreign relations at Hamas's Information Ministry in Gaza explained how harassment, interrogations and deportations were used to ensure that journalists reporting from Gaza during Operation Protective Edge stuck to...
08/17/2014 am31 03:42
hamas-detonates-idf-dud-kills-italian-ap-reporterHamas sources in Gaza report that a dud IDF missile exploded on Wednesday, killing five including an Italian journalist, after Hamas terrorists clumsily tried to dismantle the missile.   Hamas emergency services spokesperson Ashraf al-Qudra stated that in addition to the five...
08/16/2014 pm31 20:30
hamas-declares-the-current-ceasefire-is-last-chance-for-talksA senior Hamas leader declared ahead of the end of the current 72-hour ceasefire, which will come at midnight on Wednesday, that the current lull in fighting is the last chance for Israel to negotiate with his terrorist organization.   Ismail Radwan,...
08/16/2014 pm31 17:21
dead-end-in-cairo-ceasefire-talksIndirect talks between Israel and Hamas in Cairo to broker an end to the Gaza conflict have so far made no progress, a senior Israeli official said Tuesday.   "The gaps are still very wide. There has not been progress in the...
08/15/2014 am31 08:00
ihh-confirms-new-gaza-flotillaThe Turkish group IHH said on Monday it would send a new flotilla of ships to “break Israel's siege of Gaza”, four years after the deadly storming of its vessel by Israeli commandos, according to AFP.   IHH, which organized the first...

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