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01/25/2015 am31 08:57
more-australian-women-join-isisIncreasing numbers of young women are altering the profile of Australians joining the Islamic State (IS) group in Iraq and Syria, Attorney-General George Brandis said Saturday, enticed by the "false glamor" of the organization.   "At an earlier time, perhaps even six...
01/25/2015 am31 08:49
syrian-opposition-agree-on-10-point-plan-for-radical-changeSyria's opposition factions called Saturday for "radical democratic change" in the war-torn country ahead of April talks aimed at unifying their plan for a political solution to the conflict, AFP reports.   In a two-day conference held in Cairo, the regime-tolerated opposition...
01/24/2015 pm31 20:18
obama-s-state-of-the-union-the-thrill-is-goneIt is good to be an American. That was the gist of President Barack Obama’s speech tonight before a packed house – mostly Republicans.   Few were smiling.   The President focused on the economy, which he did gladly, since both unemployment and gas...
01/24/2015 pm31 13:15
so-what-is-the-state-of-the-unionObama's State of the Union address was laudable for some of what he said and frightening because of the things he did not quite say or said inaccurately. Obama did say outright that Israel is an "ally," but his treatment...
01/24/2015 pm31 12:14
pentagon-estimates-6-000-jihadists-have-been-killedThe United States believes it has killed about 6,000 jihadists in its air strikes against the Islamic State (ISIS) group, defense officials said Thursday, according to AFP.   Pentagon chief Chuck Hagel, however, warned against resorting to "body counts" to measure progress...

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