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08/02/2015 pm31 12:12
hamas-iran-cut-us-offIran's financial assistance to Hamas has stopped completely, a senior Hamas official stated Monday night.    "All assistance has stopped - both civilian aid to the Gaza Strip and military assistance to Hamas," Hamas politiburo chief Moussa Abu Marzouk admitted in an...
08/02/2015 am31 09:36
kurds-cut-key-isis-supply-route-in-northern-syriaKurdish fighters seized a key town in northern Syria from ISIS on Monday, cutting a supply lifeline from the jihadists' de facto Syrian capital, a monitor said.    "The Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) took full control of Sarrin on Monday after...
08/02/2015 am31 08:15
us-backs-turkish-strikes-against-kurdsThe White House on Sunday backed Turkey's right to conduct airstrikes against Kurdish militants, after waves of air and artillery strikes put a fragile ceasefire in jeopardy.   "Turkey has a right to take action related to terrorist targets," said deputy national...
08/01/2015 pm31 20:59
egypt-tests-out-second-suez-canalEgypt is testing out its "new" Suez Canal, having sent the first cargo ships through today (Saturday) in a trial run.   The 72 kilometer-long canal lies close to the original route but will be able to handle larger ships and two-way...
08/01/2015 pm31 19:43
iranian-nuclear-deal-to-strengthen-damascusAn international agreement on Iran's nuclear program will not alter Tehran's staunch support for the Syrian government and may even strengthen Damascus, Syria's foreign minister said Friday.   Speaking at a conference in Damascus on "confronting terrorism," Walid Muallem said those who...

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