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01/31/2015 am31 08:38
charliehebdomaniaThe sale of seven million copies of the magazine Charlie Hebdo featuring a front page cartoon depicting an image purporting to be that of Muhammad has brought forth its first bloody response from the Islamic world – Niger – where...
01/29/2015 pm31 22:14
only-israel-not-europe-can-stand-up-to-islamFrance's puerile educational response - and for that matter, Europe's general response - to the Charlie Hebdo and supermarket massacres, is worse than useless.   That the French ruling class had understood little or nothing of the massacres at Charlie Hebdo and...
01/27/2015 pm31 21:38
ny-times-lethal-anti-israel-journalism-strikes-againSince the world is at peace, Rudoren has nothing to do except find a few IDF soldiers who badmouth the Six Day War.   Like the White House, the New York Times is potentially guilty of incitement to genocide and defamation; certainly,...
01/27/2015 pm31 18:42
isis-urges-new-attacks-against-western-worldThe Islamic State terrorist group urged Muslims on Monday to carry out new attacks after the targeting of France's Charlie Hebdo magazine, in a recording by its spokesman posted online, AFP reports.    Abu Mohamed al-Adnani, referring to attacks in France, Australia,...
01/27/2015 am31 09:39
obama-signed-charlie-s-death-warrant-in-2012A week after United States Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, and three other brave Americans, were murdered by Muslim terrorists in 2012, on Sept 19, 2012, Jay Carney, on behalf of the President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, issued...

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