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04/18/2015 am30 05:56
saudis-more-than-500-houthis-killed-so-farMore than 500 Iranian-backed Houthi rebels have been killed in clashes on the border with Yemen since the Saudi-led air war against them began, the Saudi Defense ministry said Saturday, according to Al Arabiya, which cited the Saudi Press Agency.   It...
04/18/2015 am30 05:49
unrwa-chief-concerned-about-civilians-in-syria-s-yarmoukA UN agency chief said Sunday he was deeply concerned for civilians stuck in a Damascus neighborhood after it was stormed by the jihadist Islamic State terrorist group, also known as ISIS.   "We remain very worried for refugees and civilians inside...
04/17/2015 pm30 20:05
senior-hamas-official-abbas-has-no-legitimacy-to-lead-paThe war of words between Hamas and Fatah is heating up, as a senior Hamas official asserted that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas had forfeited his legitimacy to lead.   In an article published in the Hamas journal "Palestine", senior official Mahmoud...
04/16/2015 pm30 22:39
50-isis-hostages-include-ismaili-minoritiesJihadist fighters from the Islamic State (ISIS) group are holding hostage at least 50 civilians, almost half of them women, seized in a raid on a village in central Syria, a monitor said.   They were kidnapped from the village of Mabujeh...
04/14/2015 am30 11:39
american-evangelical-christendom-living-the-good-life-off-the-blood-of-the-martyrs “When it comes to modern missions, I believe no other people group is so uniquely positioned for world evangelization today as are First Nations people.” (Twiss 19).  Richard Twiss- Native American Evangelist   Introduction The American Evangelical community is predominantly disengaged from the religious...

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