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08/23/2014 am31 11:45
iraq-kurdish-forces-retake-mosul-dam-from-islamic-stateKurdish Peshmerga forces in northern Iraq have retaken the country's largest dam from Islamic State forces, in an important strategic advance.   Backed by US air support Kurdish fighters ended IS's 11-day control of the dam, which gave them effective control of...
08/23/2014 am31 05:58
union-square-rally-for-israel-a-success-but-not-loud-enough-to-snag-media-coverageJournalist Marion Dreyfus over at The American Thinker is struck by the media’s deafening silence on our rally for those slaughtered, persecuted and oppressed in jihadi wars and under Islamic law.   CBS was there, but only mentioned that a “a pro-Israel”...
08/20/2014 am31 08:00
huffington-post-pimps-for-islamic-state-and-hamas-defames-their-victimsThis sums up what we’re up against. It best illustrates the war in the information battlespace. Who is the Huffington Post working for — the Islamic State? Clearly, they’d like to see my severed head on a pole.   Look at this...
08/20/2014 am31 06:02
nasrallah-islamic-state-an-existential-threat-to-the-regionHezbollah leader Hasan Nasrallah is greatly concerned about the Islamic State (IS), formerly known as ISIS.   A day after he said in a meeting with the Lebanese Druze leader that IS is planning “on expanding toward Jordan and Saudi Arabia”, Nasrallah...
08/20/2014 am31 05:41
clashes-in-cairo-as-morsi-supporters-riotThree people were killed in Cairo on Friday as supporters of ousted Islamist President Mohammed Morsi held scattered protests for a second straight day, according to AFP.   Clashes erupted at one protest between Morsi supporters and local residents. Two people were...

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