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02/03/2016 am29 07:00
iran-says-it-spied-on-us-aircraft-carrier-with-droneIranian state TV on Friday gloatingly claimed that an Iranian surveillance drone flew over an American aircraft carrier and photographed it during recent naval drills.   The TV report did not specify when the fly-by happened, did not name the US vessel,...
01/15/2016 pm31 18:38
russia-bombs-al-qaeda-prison-kills-21-civiliansRussian air strikes Saturday on an Al Qaeda run prison in Syria killed nearly 60 people, a monitor said, as aid needed in three besieged towns where people are reportedly starving was delayed.   The bloodshed came as UN envoy Staffan de...
01/13/2016 am31 08:25
unrwa-youth-ambassador-i-spit-on-israelMohammed Assaf, the Gazan winner of 2013's Arab Idol contest, was answering questions from fans in a Skype phone-in this week when he received a comment from an Israeli caller who said:   "You should come to have Israeli blood," the...
01/12/2016 pm31 17:28
russia-asks-hezbollah-to-calm-tensions-with-israelFollowing yesterday’s incident on Israel’s northern border, Russia has asked Hezbollah to calm down. According to Al-Arabia reports, Moscow, which assists the terror organization in Syria, has made a direct request to desist from further “igniting the wick of confrontation”...
01/06/2016 am31 09:01
after-saudi-arabia-bahrain-cuts-ties-with-iranBahrain said Monday that it is cutting its diplomatic ties with Iran and called upon Iranian diplomats to leave the kingdom within 48 hours.   Isa al-Hamadi, the Bahraini minister of media affairs, made the announcement on Monday, one day after Saudi...

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