Voice of the Copts makes known the plight of Coptic Christians and the dangers of Islamic supremacy and Sharia through articles, press releases, conferences, interviews and legal testimony — arguing in favor of Copts, exposing the persecution the Copts, and explaining the ideology that leads to the problems of co-existence.

Voice of the Copts …

  • Holds press conferences relative to events in Egypt affecting the welfare of Copts.
  • Gives testimony before Parliaments in concerned nations.
  • Represents and defends Copts on issue-based panels concerning minority oppression in the Middle East.
  • Meets with Christian leaders to explain the Coptic situation in Egypt.
  • Grants interviews in print (U.S., Italy, Egypt, and Israel).
  • Appears on radio talk shows concerned with persecution of minorities in the Middle East and U.S. harm. 
  • Contributes articles to websites that educate and advocate for freedom and justice around the world.
  • Informs counter-terrorists, national security NGO’s and government bodies about current, past, and  the potential future facing Copts.
  • Joins with other voices in the West to advocate for U.S. and European policy positions toward Egypt, petitioning lawmakers to take a stand on behalf of the Coptic community.
  • Actively promotes freedom and justice for Copts holding rallies at the U.S. Capitol, Washington, DC.
  • Connects with human rights organizations around the world to raise awareness about the Coptic situation and stands against religious supremacy.
  • Makes known the primary concerns of Copts to the representatives in the European Union.