Voice of the Copts speaks the whole truth about the suffering of Coptic Christians in Egypt. This includes Islamic supremacy, Islamic history of Egypt, and contemporary Egyptian politics which fosters denial of universal human rights, promotes a society of unequals, and edges toward Sharia law.

Voice of the Copts maintains this website which serves as a source of international news regarding the dangers of Islamic supremacy and Sharia.

For educational purposes Voice of the Copts holds small-group lectures and one-on-one meetings to talk about the true nature of Islam, violence against Christians, Islamic law and the Islamization of the West.

About our daily news website*

Ours news website, with graphics and headlines from around the world, illustrates the suffering of non-Muslim religious minorities. Our goal is to impact readers with the workings of Sharia law (Islamic law) and manifestations of Jihad (holy war against the infidel or the West) to demonstrate the horrific circumstances encountered by minorities around the world today in Islamic majority nations. Sadly, the West takes blame for the hostility targeting non-Muslims and largely justifies this violence as Islamic “backlash.” Unfortunately, the West is willfully blinded to Islamic imperialism, racism, and apartheid in today’s world.

Proponents of Sharia law whitewash the truth and distort our perception in order to promote a stealth movement of Jihad in the West. Our hope is to unveil the truth for readers who cannot make sense of the irrational disconnect between acts of violence committed in the name of Islam and the self-described “peace” of this same ideology. This, in turn, must be our call to action prompting all to speak out in the interest of truth. We hope and pray that false cries of “racism” and “phobia” against those with legitimate questions do not drown out honest dialogue.

When we see para-mosque organizations functioning in the West (many operating under the authority of the Muslim Brotherhood), demanding apologies and threatening litigation, we see the works of Islam taking root within America. As Muslims shout “racism” (relying upon America’s history of de-segregation and civil rights), claim victimization, and react with hyper-sensitivity to religious issues, we know that Islamists manipulate freedom of speech in America.

Islamization of our nation begins with non-Muslims and Muslims alike feeding into these trends and willingly giving up common sense thinking. Intentional misrepresentation of the supremacy of Islamic doctrine must be challenged openly and directly to stop the erosion of Western freedom.

*The information we collect is for the purpose of allowing our western friends to better understand the dilemma of the Copts and other religious minorities.

About our Living Room Lecture and Dessert Series

One good way for Voice of the Copts to offer its position and perspective is through discussion groups with

family and friends within private homes. This approach lends itself to openness and directness as we speak on

chosen topics and answer questions related to the Copts and their perpetrators.