Leftists, Where is Your Compassion?

Leftists, Where is Your Compassion?

Leftists, do you really want to inflict a Palestinian Arab state on the Arabs of this land? Take a good look around the Middle East.
A hasty glance at the news pages succeeds in terrifying even those whose stomach isn’t very sensitive.
Almost every day we read of scores of Egyptians slaughtered beyond our southern border, in what seems like a sorry attempt to mute the news of governmental massacres that take place beyond our northern border under the rule of the doctor, the dictator from Damascus.
In the name of Islamic fundamentalism, 25 bound Egyptian policemen were slaughtered, and to remove any doubt that their souls would arrive at their destination, the coup de grace was delivered, too. This event came on the heels of the killing of 28 prisoners who tried to escape from an Egyptian prison, as they held a policeman hostage; and who even remembers that last Saturday during the confrontations (what a delicate and politically correct expression, “confrontations”) more than two hundred and seventy people were killed.
Before I continue with the litany of the murderous bloodshed that is washing over our southern neighbor, I want to stop and ask our brothers, the bearers of the vision of the Palestinian state: Tell me, don’t you have any compassion? Do you really want to inflict a Palestinian Authority state on the Arabs of this land? What do they lack? You know very well that religious fanaticism that stops at nothing hides behind the suits and ties of the Palestinian Arab “partners for peace”.
If you need proof, you can close your eyes and remember the reports from the Palestinian Arab hospitals in Gaza during the power struggle between Fatah and Hamas there, the ones which Hamas people entered, only to pull the plug on Fatah supporters. You can also recall the fourteenth floor of those hospitals, from which Abbas’s supporters were thrown to their deaths, and if this is really a burning issue for you, you can find recorded reminders on YouTube of executions in the city squares – and these, you recall, are their brothers.
By the way, if you want additional proof of the level of “burning love” between the different parts of the Palestinian Authority, you can find it in the bureau of the rais (head) Mahmoud Abbas, and see his reponse to an offer to vacation in one of the Gaza luxury hotels. For years this man has taken pains to see Gaza only on his television screen. This is the same Abbas who hugged and kissed the Gazan bearded guy, a scion of the Haniye family, who, too, takes care to appear in the classiest European wardrobe.
It’s a bit unpleasant for me, but I have to return to what I wrote here a year ago – I wrack my brains, but I don’t succeed in finding the connection between the Israeli left and human rights. As long as that left spoke in economic terms, you could hear it state a position that was concerned with the rights of the downtrodden laborer and worker, and at least there was something we could argue about. But from the moment that its representatives adhered, with inexplicable fervor, to the vision that tramples on human rights, the vision of two states, I stopped understanding them.
There’s no doubt about it, the campaign managers of the left did excellent work, They succeeded, in the last thirty years, in labeling those with delusions of the Palestinian Arab state as aficionados of human rights,who are concerned about the welfare of the Arab villager, whose only aspiration is to harvest his olives.
But when that propaganda is neutralized, you reach the inescapable conclusion that a Palestinian state – if, Heaven forbid, one were to be established – would be characterized by the trampling underfoot of basic human rights,- and that’s without mentioning the rights of children who go to work at the age of 8, as part of normal life. We also haven’t spoken of the rights of women, whose voice will not be heard on the Palestinian street; or the rights of religious minorities, that are obliterated and crushed by the official representatives of Palestinian Arab law. (For anyone who has any doubts about the minorities, I recommend walking about in Bethlehem and talking with its few remaining elderly Christians.)
And let us not forget the rights of the disabled and incapacitated’, who are distanced from Palestinian Arab society, as part of their faith. One of my friends, a fighter in a unit that infiltrates into Arab villages, did not know Arabic, and in order to avoid conversation with Arabs among whom he was situated, disguised himself as disabled. None of the local Arabs came near him or tried to strike up a conversation with him.
Then how can it be that the Israeli left succeeds in masquerading as the champion of human rights? Sorry, I don’t have any answers. Just don’t mumble that lefitst mantra, “We aren’t the one who should decide what’s best for them.”
For you wouldn’t say that to those who were slaughtered in Sinai or to those murdered in Damascus, would you? So then don’t say it about those who will be massacred in the future in Kalkilya and Ramallah (Arab cities of Judea and Samaira, ed.) if, Heaven forbid, your delusional and dangerous vision were to be realized. It is dangerous to them, to your partners, and this is even before we speak about the danger to us.
(Translated from Arutz Sheva’s Hebrew site)
Shimon Cohen

The author is a veteran writer for the Arutz Sheva Hebrew site

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