Arab States or Mafia Regimes?

Arab States or Mafia Regimes?

Ever since I was a child, certain questions occupied my mind; I was always curious about western leaders, political groups and even normal people. Dr. Ashraf Ramelah – Founder and President of Voice of the Copts 

Dr. Ashraf Ramelah
  Ever since I was a child, certain questions occupied my mind; I was always curious about western leaders, political groups and even normal people. Until today when one mentions the word Mafia, certain things always comes to mind like the beautiful Sicilian island, or the actor Marlon Brando in his legendary Godfather movie, but no one ever thinks that the real Mafia was initiated around 1400 years ago in the Arabian peninsula. By analyzing the social, political and economic structure of the way of life of an average Arab, it is easy to recognize a mafia-style structure. Without having to go far back to find examples, we find that present-day Libya has been governed by a leader for almost forty years, similarly Mubarak in Egypt, has been ruling  for over a quarter of a century. The most recent example is al-Assad who became the first “Khalifa” in the 21st-century; al-Assad could be the first, but surely not the last, since Mubarak and Kaddafi are planning to make their respective sons ‘inherit’ the governing power in their countries. The Mobs are criminal organization which uses aggression to gain more power and wealth. The same methods are used by the Arabs. Just like a Mafia boss sending his handymen to a store owner, explaining that he needs their protection, and demanding from him to pay “il pizzo”, an Italian word, which means ‘protection’ in English and “Jizia” in Arabic. Mobs extract money from business’ owners in order to protect them. The question is, to protect them from whom? because in case this person refuses to pay, the same Mob destroys his place, and plunders whatever he has; long ago they used to be men of honor, with respect for women and children. The same scenario took place during the Arab invasion of Egypt. The Arab mob demanded from the Egyptians to pay “Jizia” or high protection taxes, in order to be protected from the same Arabs. The invaders were worse than the Mafiosi mobs since they destroyed ancient monuments, kidnapped children, and raped women and cut tongues of those who did not speak their language. All this represents just a small part of what happened in Egypt only. The western people then and now do not care about what is happening outside their own countries; they are unaware of the Arabs’ plan to take over the West and the whole world. During this year, Arab leaders traveled around the world, calling for religious tolerance, when ironically, they are the ones who instigate religious intolerance. The King of Saudi Arabia  made big headlines when he visited the Vatican City; the western world thought, or rather hoped, that he was seriously initiating a new era in the dialogue between the different faiths. No one can tell us what the King said to his Holiness Pope Benedicts XVI as they exchanged gifts.  I am only left to imagine such moments based on historical facts of Arab visits and gifts, and prompted by the gift presented by the King to the Head of the Catholic Church: a Sword!!!  I visualize that at that moment the King would have said, if not out loud, at least in his mind: “Islam Teslam” meaning become a Muslim and save your life. Until today the State of Vatican does not have any diplomatic relations with the Saudi Kingdom. The Egyptian government on the other hand is campaigning to get a UN resolution to prevent “defamation of religions” while the same government is defaming Christianity on a  daily basis through its state-owned media.  The Egyptian police are the handymen of the mob bosses. Their only duty is to just watch for the barbaric attacks against the Copts and the mob’s policy dissidents to be completed. To expose what the Egyptian mob have accomplished during this week only, I would like to relate one of its abuses of an Egyptian couple.She was known as Zenab Said Adel Aziz, converted to Christianity five years ago. Zenab is now twenty-four years old and have the Christian name of Martha Samuel Makar. She also got married (in Church) to a Christian man, known as Fadl Sabet, thirty-two years old. Martha had to leave her town in “Sharkea” due to her religious conversion and was on the run for years from her parents. In order to have some peace, she and her husband decided to leave the country. How can they achieve that in a Mafia society? The only way was to find some corrupt officer to give her a social security card in order to have a passport issued. She was hoping that once she obtained the passport her trouble would be over. Unfortunately, the opposite happened, her troubles are now worse than before. Martha and her husband were arrested at Cairo airport as they were trying to leave the country with their two children, aged 2 and 4. She was on the watch list. Both are now being tortured in the Mobs’ jail. This story gives rise to a few questions which I would like to pose to the Mob Regimes as well as to the western civilized people: –  Arab media accuse European and Americans of mistreating Arab immigrants in an inhumane way; they are not being allowed to enjoy their faith freely.– Arabs leaders are requesting tolerance between the different faiths, what about practicing this tolerance in their own countries?–  If an Egyptian Christian converts into Islam, he receives immediately new documents proving his new religion, while a Muslim converting into another faith is tortured in jail or even gets murdered.–  The destruction of Churches and Monasteries is still going on, while mosques are increasingly being built in their own countries and abroad.–  Christian teenage girls are still being kidnapped, raped and forced into Islam, with no police lifting a finger to help in finding the victims. The United Nations and almost all western leaders have forgotten their primary and most important duty of Safeguarding human rights and religious freedom to everyone, but we at Voice of the Copts will never forget those who are suffering under the Mob systems, reorganized internationally as the Arab countries. Dott. Arch.Ashraf Ramelah, Associate AIA President  

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