Egypt 57 Years Later (4)

When Anwar Sadat was assassinated Hosni Mubarek had come to power immediately becoming the fourth Egyptian president. Even though he was not part of the “free officers” who were actively involved in 1952 coup, he was a military pilot who had participated in various Egyptian military operations. 

At the time of Mubarak’s installation, Pope Shenudah III (Coptic pope), was in an asylum as ordered by Sadat.  The Copts, in general, were facing one of their worse oppression by the occupied Arabists.  Mubarak carried on from Sadat a great odium versus the Copts. However, in order to keep the country under his control, Mubarak declared a State of Emergency allowing the police authorities the enforcement to arrest and jail any citizen they want. 

As of today, Mubarak is in power for nearly fifty-percent of the presidential system brought by the 1952 coup. As like all Arab leaders, Mubarak has very little concern about his "own" country.
Now and then there will be different occasions where he will be discussing the Gaza Arab-Israeli situation but never discuss the situation of Copts who live worse than those who live in Gaza. 

The Arab-Israel issue is so important to Mubarak than the poverty of the people living under his government. Mubarak’s goal is to be involved in a fake peace process while allowing tunnels to be built to smuggle military armaments to the "Palestinian" terrorists. If he was so concerned about the peace process then how can his administration allow the generation of over than 200 unauthorized tunnels without any knowledge? 

On various occasion, Mubarak announces that he is the president for all Egyptians — that all Egyptians do have the same rights and obligations. Well, if that is true then why are teenage girls kidnapped, raped and forced to convert to Islam? Where are the police to protect them? Why for over 28 years the police are still arresting innocents mainly Copts as per the State of the Emergency law that Mubarak put in place? 

During Mubarak’s tenure as President, the quantity of Coptic Churches that were vandalized, burned and destroyed and increased since previously under Sadat. Attacks on Monks in their Monasteries in the deserts of Egypt have been ongoing, many also undergoing severe torture and near death. Many properties and businesses belonging to Coptic’s constantly had been the target without any protection from the authorities. 

The list of abuses is very long and extremely depressing to read, however, remembers that the plan started with Nasser for Islamization of the country. In fact, for over three years, the Egyptian Parliament is trying hard to destroy the Coptic income. A category which is known by "Zaballin" (rubbish collectors) is mainly done by the Coptics which make their living collecting trash. 

In order to be able to live in a country that does not allow a Christian to have a decent life, those garbage collectors start to raise pigs which are against the Islamic faith. For three years the members of the Egyptian Parliament were trying to find a way to wipe swine from Egypt and destroy the Copts’ income.  

Once information arrived concerning the recent return of flu named after swine (H1N1) a war was started against those animals! The Arabs were able to massacre over than 600,000 healthy animals, but nearly destroying the income and source of living for almost two million persons.  The government did not compensate them for their loss. 

After twenty years in power, many people live under the poverty level starting with a group of soldiers of 57 years ago that had announced a revolution against a corrupted king and government. A revolution claimed to help the people to achieve a better life, but in reality was succeeded in achieving a social economic disaster to the country. 

Now, after 57 year the result of the revolution is clear: poverty, poverty and more poverty to a naïve people who believed in a big lie. Another lie made by modern Kalifas that have only one goal which is steeling the Egyptian economy for personal goal.

Let me conclude trying to call things with their real name not with Arab names; July 23rd 1952 was a coup with a few items to achieve:

–         Take the power.

–         Destroy economy.

–         Islamization of the country.

–         Generate huge personal economic benefits.

–         Destroy Israel. 

In the end Copts are paying a huge price under all the above circumstances

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