The Muslim High School

If you don’t think the creeping influence of Islam is a problem in America, look at what happened at a public school in Dearborn, Mich., a city famous because Muslims have just about taken it over. The Muslim principal of Fordson High School fired the wrestling coach because a student wrestler abandoned Islam and converted to Christianity.

Anyone familiar with Islam or the Koran knows what the preferred penalty for apostasy is, but in any event the St. Thomas More Law Center has taken up the case of Gerald Marszalek, the beloved and legendary coach.

The center’s lawsuit seeks redress against the Dearborn schools and Imad Fadlallah, the Muslim principal of Fordson. Mr. Marszalek alleges that Mr. Fadlallah believed a volunteer assistant wrestling coach, Trey Hancock, who is also a Christian minister, converted a student at a private, summertime wrestling camp. Mr. Fadlallah, the lawsuit alleges, fired Mr. Hancock, then Mr. Marszalek:

"Defendant Fadlallah, a Muslim … terminated Hancock’s volunteer status because of his Christian beliefs, which Defendant Fadlallah had deemed inconsistent with his own Muslim beliefs."

Aside from punching the student and calling him a "disgrace to his family," the lawsuit alleges, Mr. Fadlallah also told Mr. Marszalek to ban Mr. Hancock from entering the school. He warned Mr. Marszalek that keeping Mr. Hancock out of the school was imperative because "I can get crazy if I have to!" I get Crazy! You don’t know how crazy I can get!" Then Mr. Fadlallah expanded his anti-Christian jihad and banned Mr. Hancock’s entire family from the school.

Eventually, Mr. Fadlallah cashiered Mr. Marszalek, the lawsuits concludes, because of his "Christian religious beliefs and association with Hancock and other Christians, and [was] done with the knowledge and approval of Defendant School District."

Even worse, the lawsuits claims, the school has become a sort of madrassa: "Defendant Fadlallah promotes, sponsors, facilitates, and fosters Muslim religious activity, expression, and participation, including prayer at school-sanctioned events. Local and national periodicals have written articles substantiating these practices."

Mr. Fadlallah also forbids "Christian religious activity and expression," which is rank "discriminat[ion] against certain individuals because of their religious beliefs and associations."

And why would Mr. Fadlallah do that. Because the lawsuit alleges, "he sees Dearborn Fordson High School as a Muslim school, both in students and faculty, and is working to that end." Federal taxpayers, remember, subsidize this insanity.

In a few short paragraphs, this lawsuit amply demonstrates the problem with Islam. As this page has stated before, Islam is not a religion but a subversive, intolerant and nakedly aggressive political ideology. Its most devout adherents do not and cannot respect the legal and social accouterments of Western society, which, being at least nominally Christian, anticipate and tolerate religious dissent and indeed the practice of many different religious beliefs. Islamists will not and cannot do this.

While Islam has historically conquered by the sword, of late it is conquering via demographics, democratic institutions and frivolous lawsuits, as well as public schools and universities, as it is doing in Europe and places such as Dearborn.

Mr. Marszalek, the wrestling coach, has learned something about Islam. The rest of American had better learn, too.

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