Rasha Noor A Christian Convert Sent A Letter to President Hosni Mubarak

Please Immediately Release Priest / Metaos Abbas Wahba Basilios

Dear Mr. President Hosni Mubarak, in your capacity as President of our beloved Egypt.

Peace unto you and prayer for your safety and the safety of our country.

Presented by your daughter, the Christian convert Rasha Nour, representing Egypt for Christ Ministry

We call upon Your Excellency to immediately release of our father, priest / Metaos Abbas Wahba Basilios (43 years) who is currently jailed in Tora prison, where he is still wearing his clerical clothing inside jail, to serve the five (5) years with forced labour imprisonment sentence(case No. 167/2007, north Guiza,10-12-2008).

The management of Tora prison has intentionally prevented the dispatch of the appeal report of Priest Metaos Abbas to the Prosecution , since he signed it on October 13th 2008 and until the present moment, in order to speed up a hearing to consider the appeal prepared by his defense team.

We would also like to draw your attention that it is your Government, which is the real fraudster, and not us the Christian converts, or those who helped them to forge their documents.

To enable me to clarify this matter to your Excellency I would ask you to listen to me as your daughter and in your capacity as President of all Egyptians.

Before everything I would like to advise you, that our holy father Metaos has been accused by court to be an accomplice in the forgery of official documents.

As Your Excellency knows, linguistically, forgery means changing the truth .. and the crime of forgery, in jurisprudence, is changing true information or giving false information in an official or customary document.

In the case of customary documents it has to be submitted or give proof of something, to the benefit of the fraudulent submitter.

The charge of fraud is only valid if two essential elements are present; the physical and the moral elements. The physical element is what we mentioned before, which is to change or make incorrect statements in a document.

For the moral element, the consequences of this change are:

1 – The forger gets a benefit which is not his right, or he may not have access to it.

2 – To cause harm to others, or have access to a right which belonged to another, and who as a result have been deprived of it.

We note that the resort of some Christian converts to circumvent methods to obtain official documents showing their chosen faith, is undertaken to enable them to enjoy special privileges such as practices of religious rituals and civil rights specific to follower of a non-Muslim religious denomination, or regarding education, when there is a noticeable prejudice in education between the various denominations, both for him or for his children.

The reason for this circumvention is to get hold of these documents which the State refuses to make them available to them through simple and informal methods, a right granted to them by Articles 40 to 46 of the Constitution. Here, your rational government claims that the physical element in the crime of forgery is present, which is a change in the DATA indicating the religion he believes in and has embraced. Would documenting this change which corresponds to reality with respect to the Christian convert be considered a change in data not corresponding to reality, even if he has recourse to circumvention in obtaining what the State denies him?

Would documenting a reality which the State denies him, while it insists on adhering to documents which does not reflect the reality he lives in, a forgery from the physical element point of view ? or is it the State’s insistence on adhering to documents which do not reflect the truth about the faith of this convert a forgery? This is the aspect of the physical element.


On the other hand, Let us ask Your Excellency with respect to the presence of the moral element, which is for the Christian convert to obtain something which is not his right and might harm others…Is it a crime to believe in a creed different to what he previously believed in, or a right granted to him by Articles 40 to 46 of the Constitution, alternatively is it against the second article of the Constitution?

Whom did he harm by embracing a creed different to his original Muslim creed, except the State which considers his conversion from Islam damage to its interests, a State which considers the mere fact of being a Christian, a rivalry which requires combating with all the weapons of the Ministry of the Interior?

It appears that the Christian convert, who fraudulently obtained something beneficial to his belief and faith, and to which he has an interest to prove his affiliation to it, that which the State deliberately deprived him of it, is not the forger, because he upholds the right guaranteed to him by Article 40 to 46 of the Constitution, and the international conventions, ratified by the State, such as article 18 of the Charter of Human Rights.

The real fraudster is your rational government, where incidents are available which has the physical and moral elements of the crime of forgery. By adhering to official papers which do not reflect the reality of the Convert’s faith, which was chosen by his full freedom and will, as well as the moral element which damages the interests of the convert and beguile his rights, which your government claims it provides for him by the articles of the Constitution and International treaties.

Attached to this crime are other crimes to prove the crime of fraud, through its use of coercion, which amounts to detention (imprisonment of freedom) and all unspeakable methods of torture, It is sufficient to say that they are inclusive of all methods of torture we hear about such as Abu Ghraib prison and Guantanamo Bay detention, beside fabricating cases of forgery against each Christian convert it lays its hand on, who has obtained what is beneficial for him.

All this because your rational government adheres to the racist Article II of the Constitution, which is incompatible with all articles which ensures the citizen’s right of freedom of choice of faith. Even worse, it does not condemn the employees who helped him, claiming that they acted in good faith!!! Such as Case No. 167 of 2007 in which the criminal court of the Giza has punished:

1 – Pastor Metaos Abbas Wahba Basilios(42 years) – a priest in the Church of Archangel Michael, Kerdasa – Giza.

2 – Christian Convert Riham Abdel Aziz Radi, who traveled outside the country, under the name of Mariam Nabil

Fares Taodharos,born 3-6-1982 .

3 – Ayman Fawzi Zachary (traveled outside the country).

4 – Romanian Nabil Fares Taodharos .

5 – Wael Aziz Shafiq (31 year – sales representative). in absentia to rigorous imprisonment (an alternative term for

arduous work that has been canceled ) to "5" five years for each of the second and third, fourth and fifth, and

punished in his presence, the priest / Metaos Abbas Wahba Basilios, priest of the Church of Archangel Michael,

Kerdasa to 5 years rigorous imprisonment

It retaliated from priest Metaos, editor of the marriage contract, although one can never assume of him having bad intentions, or the possibility of him having had suspicions with regards to the authenticity of the presented digital ID, in its updated legal form, and on the basis of which the marriage contract was recorded.

In spite of all this, the State calls itself a secular and not a religious State! If a state is not a religious state,it is a secular state; if it a civil state, is not a police or military state.The fact is, that ours is a religious police State.

We request you to intervene immediately to activate the principle of citizenship and the freedom of the citizen so that Egypt may enjoy social peace under your good leadership, our beloved Egypt, and may its citizens live enjoying the rights of a non-disgraced and non-oppressed human, until all obstacles to its progress and civilization are removed.

Finally, we wish you countless good health, and may the Blessings of Christ be upon you, Amen.

Your Christian Convert Daughter

Rasha Noor

Egypt for Christ Ministry

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