Islamist op-ed threatens FBI: Don’t teach truth about jihad or Muslims in US will not cooperate

Islamist op-ed threatens FBI: Don’t teach truth about jihad or Muslims in US will not cooperate

It’s the standard “don’t say Islam is violent or we may have to kill you” position. via The wrong way to fight terrorism | Sacramento Bee. SALAM AL-MARAYATI – Los Angeles Times 

We in the Muslim American community have been battling the corrupt and bankrupt ideas of cults such as al Qaida. Now it seems we also have to battle pseudo-experts in the FBI and the Department of Justice. A disturbing string of training material used by the FBI and a U.S. attorney’s office came to light beginning in late July that reveals a deep anti-Muslim sentiment within the U.S. government. If this matter is not immediately addressed, it will undermine the relationship between law enforcement and the Muslim American community – another example of the ineptitude and/or apathy undermining bridges built with care over decades. It is not enough to just call it a “very valid concern,” as FBI Director Robert Mueller told a congressional committee this month. … These training manuals are making it more difficult for Muslim Americans to foster any trust with law enforcement agencies. Biased and faulty training leads to biased and faulty policing. The real challenge now is getting the partnership back on track, and for the FBI and the Justice Department to take the following stepsissue a clear and unequivocal apology to the Muslim American community; establish a thorough and transparent vetting process in selecting its trainers and materials; invite experts who have no animosity toward any religion to conduct training about any religious community to law enforcement. Finally, the White House needs to form an interagency task force that can conduct an independent review of FBI and Justice Department training material. The following words are etched into the walls of the FBI headquarters building in Washington: “The most effective weapon against crime is cooperation … of all law enforcement agencies with the support and understanding of the American people.” Atty. Gen. Eric H. Holder Jr. and FBI Director Mueller, take some leadership on this matter, or the partnership we’ve built to counter violent extremism will forever be handicapped. The question you have to answer is simple: Are we on the same team or not? And the answer is simple: The Koran says Muslims can never be on the same team with infidels. And yes the FBI, military and DOJ should vet their trainers, chaplains and their partners and people like CAIR, ISNA, al Marayati, al Awlaki, Alamoudi, Raouf, and many many more should never be permitted to influence or dictate how law enforcement operates – if interact at all. Other more able folks will dissect this propaganda piece that the LA Times permitted, just as they give space to Hamas, but here is the potential money quote: More important, Muslim leaders, not FBI agents, can more effectively battle al Qaida’s destructive ideas. Or is that psuedo-FBI agents? So who are these Muslim leaders? Where have they been? It’s been ten years since 9/11 and we haven’t heard a peep from “Muslim leaders.” In fact, al Marayati blamed 9/11 on the Jews  and has defended Islamic terrorist groups Hamas and Hizbollah:On the afternoon of September 11, 2001, Al-Marayati used a Los Angeles talk radio program as a forum in which to accuse the Israelis of responsibility for that morning’s attacks on New York and Washington. Al-Marayati has also called for the U.S. government to unfreeze the assets of two Islamic charities, the Global Relief Foundation and the Holy Land Foundation, that were shut down by the government because of funding they had given to terrorist organizations. Al-Marayati refuses to call Hezbollah a terrorist group. “I don’t think any group should be judged 100% this or that,” he says. “I think every group is going to have . . . its claim of liberation and resistance.” He has similarly justified Hamas‘ existence as a political entity that promotes social programs and “educational operations.” “Yesterday’s terrorists in the Middle East are today’s leaders,” he says. “The PLO is the number one example of this . . . The PLO 35 years ago was considered a terrorist organization, nobody should deal with them . . . But they became the people in authority, in Palestine, today. So Hamas today, the way it’s being viewed, is exactly how the PLO was viewed 30 years ago. And in fact, even Hamas in terms of its social and educational operations is doing exactly what the PLO was doing 35 years ago, as well as its quote unquote military operations.” Clearly, he is the type of Muslim leader he believes can effectively battle the al Qaida’s. The FBI should know better, but the al Marayati is the type of guy Attorney General Eric Holder holds in high esteem. Contact your elected officials.

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