Without a Bag of Fruit or Even a Watermelon an Egyptian Government Commission Visits Copts in Canada and America to Prepare the Ground for Mubarak’s Visit to Obama

This article is the translation from Arabic into English for the same published in our Italian/Arabic home page. Translation is made by A dedicated voice of the Copts’ member . The government delegation began its  work by meeting with the Copts, in Toronto, Canada, and according to what  we have heard, it was a  stormy meeting. The Copts were frank in  presenting their grievances, which are by the way, known to Obama personally, and not only to Mubarak and before him Sadat, who both planned and caused the Copts’ persecution  and the implementation of the conspiracy to liquidate them. What was really strange was the usual elusive answer of the ambassador who came from Egypt, and who  organized the meeting with the Copts , saying give the Egyptian government  an opportunity to solve the problems. It is strange that the Mubarak government is requesting an opportunity after twenty-seven years of Mubarak’s rule, and before that serving six years as sole vice for the damned Sadat, in other words, after 33 years, Mr. President sends an  Ambassador who is trying to hoodwink the Copts and sing “give me another chance to prove my love to you !!!  It is well known that President Mubarak is the worst President of Egypt since the era of Muhammad Ali. He openly formed a permanent alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood, enabling them to achieve an unprecedented widespread in Egypt by giving them freedom of movement, along with eighty-eight seats in the People’s Assembly for criminals with criminal records. whom he has set, together with their secret criminal organizations, against the Copts in all areas of economy, religion, media, television, Al-Azhar, employment, army, and police, to coerce them into Islamization, immigration or serving those who are naked and barefooted as shoeshine boys!!! Let us cut to the point for the sake of the Honorable President as well as  the Copts, since there is no more time to lose on him or on others. We sum up the demands of the Copts once again as a reminder, since reminding benefits both the believers and the non-believers 1 – Copts demand a secular democratic state with equal legal status  for all Egyptians, regardless of their religion, their economic or social status. This requires the repeal of all laws and provisions which hinder the establishment of this state. This demand is of full citizenship, not to be diminished by any religious call or decree (fatwa) is a non-negotiable right of the Copts. 2 – the first issue in  this item , is to cancel the Hamayuni line decree,  the  ten Ezabi laws and the  interference of the President of the Republic in the construction of churches. The President’s role is the application of  democratic laws, similar to any democratic country,  and not putting a ban on the worship of a group of his people. 3 – Also under this item, to cancel the supervision of the state security on the ‘Coptic file’ , call for the trial of whoever made a file for the Copts, and whoever authorized its handling by the state security, which is rotten to the core  with Saudi Wahabism. We repeat our mention of the monthly envelopes which arrives to them through  the Saudi Arabian Embassy, in addition to the Hajj and Umrah visas given to them for free and without limits, and which they sell in the black market and achieve rapid gains.  Furthermore, the reward envelopes  for the  Islamization of Coptic girls, burning of their churches, inciting the  mobs against them while removing the  Wahaby security forces from the Church, and to completely stop their pressure on the Pope, bishops, and priests. 4 – Under Citizenship  comes also the equal access to all areas of recruitment including the presidency of the republic,security police, the army, police forces, intelligence and detective services, governors and mayors, deans of universities and political parties,  the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the press and the media, such areas in which the Coptsare very poorly represented   or totally non-existent 5 – Under this heading also comes the need for a  Coptic census under international supervision, as this is the proper  way to solve their problems. Furthermore, to open the door to bring to trial those responsible for several massacres against the Copts in the era of Sadat and Mubarak, and to compensate  the Copts for the lives they have lost, besides money and property, the return of the minor girls who were raped and the trial of their rapists, instigators and financiers, in addition, to the  resolution of all criminal  mercenary groups who are doing this through the Gulf and the Saudi-Wahaby  financing. 6 – For the rapid integration of the Copts, they  should be compensate, for the years of deprivation and marginalization, and the continuous genocide conspiracies since 1952. They should  be given the right of preference and  positive discrimination through strict laws for a period of ten years in all fields, with a law that exempts from the statute of limitations, all crimes of sectarianism,  intolerance, discrimination and torture. 7 – The latest example given by Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood,  should be a lesson  to President Mubarak and the Egyptians, as they have not shied away  from inciting Hamas to break the truce and fire thousands of rockets on Gaza, in order to heat the situation in Egypt and make a coup d’etat against the Mubarak regime, taking advantage of the boiling masses’sentiments  which they caused to reach the point of explosion; those who are the allies of Mubarak who attempted to tip him over in the first turn, as per the inciting speeches of  Mahdi Akef  to the Egyptians, the army and the Egyptian police. Let us  remind him that they killed Sadat, their main ally and financier, and their hands can reach him at any moment if he did not seize the opportunity. and eat them for lunch before they eat him at dinner. To sum up, the President has sent a commission  from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the  Coptic communities in American and Canada, and this Commission has failed, because it brought only words and  promises, void of contents, which were previously consumed by Mubarak. Mr. President;  When any Egyptian goes to any people in their home, he brings with him  a gift  of chocolates, a bag of fruit or even a watermelon;  Mubarak’s  men came with some lies, which  do not even live up to promises which could be achieved. We, therefore, say  to the President, why burden the Egyptian bankrupt budget with the expenses of sending those  human beings whose minds are far from logic, citizenship, and the legitimate and stolen rights of the Copts of Egypt ???  Mr. President; We were waiting from you to make any positive gesture towards the Copts before sending those thugs. Why not be as a simple as an average Egyptian, my brother, and sent with them a bag of fruit, or even a watermelon, but sadly, even these simple things you could not get yourself to give to your Coptic fellow citizens.

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