The birth of a new Sudan

“It’s a brighter spot in the history of Sudan,” says George Clooney, who has been personally engaged with Sudan for several years. “I’ve been committed to Sudan since 2005, and you don’t abandon a place when it’s going through its changes.”

Mr. Clooney has used his star power to draw attention to the crisis in Sudan, and even led a rally in Washington and delivered a speech in support of his cause at the United Nations in 2006.

After decades of civil war with the north, South Sudan has finally gained its independence, leaving behind disputes of ethnicity and religion. The events in Sudan are being perceived as a milestone in a region that has been battling its own body for so long, and we are all celebrating its birth.

We just want to let it go, a friend of mine said; it has been a burden on our shoulders for so long, and the solution they came up with was the right one.

My question, though, is whether South Sudan would have gained its independence and captured the public imagination without the help of Christians in United States, and Mr. Clooney?

Indeed, many analysts reported that without the involvement of Mr. Clooney and the US churches a comprehensive peace agreement would not have been possible.

I can’t deny the power that celebrities have, but I hope we will enter an era in which people became involved in issues because they matter, and need resolutions, and not just because a famous person is involved.
Mabrook to the new Sudans!

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