Christian Holocaust Over Three Million Murdered in Six Years

Forced labor camps, death marches, mass drownings, mass burnings, extermination camps, poisonings, overdosing, shooting and poison gas were the military primary means for exterminating Christians. Civilian populations voluntarily formed irregular militia units to aid in the holocaust. The total number of victims is difficult to ascertain but summing the estimates of the three component groups contemporary scholars estimate that the death total was approximately 3.25 million souls.

The Christian Holocaust has been divided into three separate holocausts, Greek, Assyrian and Armenian all of which the perpetrators deny to this day.

The purpose of exterminating the Christian population of was to ensure that there would be no one left to rescue if there was anyone got the to do so.

The Christian Holocaust occurred in what remained of the Ottoman Empire during World War One. The perpetrators of these crimes against humanity were the Muslim civilians and government of the Ottoman Turk Empire and Kurdish Muslims.

It is interesting to note that the Christian Holocaust continued until approximately 1920 and did not end when the Ottoman Empire was defeated in 1918 at the end of World War One.

In one particularly gruesome event, following the Greek landing at Smyrna the entire town was burned by Ottoman Turk Muslims and those that survived were massacred resulting in an estimated 100,000 Christian deaths.

Unlike the Jewish Holocaust of 1939-1945, the perpetrators of the Christian Holocaust did not regret their participation, they never faced justice for their participation in these crimes against humanity which although decried loudly at the time were swept under the rug shortly afterwards. Another substantial difference between the Jewish and Christian Holocaust is that the Christian Holocaust was primarily motivated by Islamic doctrine that is still taught and respected to this day.

The allies made an enormous mistake in not occupying all of the territories of the Ottoman Empire, hunting down and bringing to justice all Muslim war criminals and conducting a civic reeducation campaign to put an end to the preaching of hatred against non-Muslims. Having failed to do so Muslims lent their support to the extermination of Jews during the Second World War and have continued Mohamed’s project to bring the entire world under the sword of Islam by any means.

Perhaps the reason that no journalist or major media outlet is interested in this story is because the holocaust continues to this day. The groups of Christian survivors are getting smaller but they can still exist albeit scattered, in hiding and still fearing for their lives.

I wonder when all of the people that chant "Never Again" will realize that the massacres of Christians by Muslims, which have occasionally been openly supported by our own ignorant governments and at other times merely facilitated, are still happening. The non-Muslim side of the Arab Spring may be about Democracy and reform, the Muslim side is about killing the remaining Christians, Jews and non-Muslims that refuse to convert to Islam even under threat of death.

Coptic Christians in Egypt and Sudan, Christians in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, India are under attack at this moment. Recent estimates hold that a Christian is killed every five minutes for his faith and 90% of all Christian persecution is done by Muslims.

There are over 100 verses in the Koran demanding Muslims kill infidels, Christians and Jews; it seems that Muslims terrorists are so confused about Islam as the Islam apologetic would have us believe. One hopes that it’s the apologetics that are actual confused about Islam and not just feigning confusion to gain time before attacking us, which has unfortunately proven to be the truth of the matter.

Estimates of the total number of innocent souls murdered by Islam hold that roughly 270 million people have been murdered by Muslims following the hallucinations, dictates and excuses of Mohamed. No other group has murdered so many innocent people as Muslims have, the runner up Communism, Socialism and Marxism combined are a distant runner up.

Perhaps before we concern ourselves with not allowing another holocaust to occur we should put an end to the current one….

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