Voice Of the Copts Send a Letter to European Parliament Members

Dear European Parliament Member; For the last year Voice of the Copts has tried hard to keep you aware of incidents taking place in Egypt against the Coptic Christian minority. Voice of the Copts joined another Egyptian Human Rights organization to promote the nomination of  the Coptic Pope His Holiness Shenouda III to be a candidate for the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. As per the Nobel Peace Institute statute, honorable people occupying positions like yours,  may submit a petition to support a nomination. Voice of the Copts is asking for your kind support, if you believe that Pope Shenuda III deserves this nomination. Furthermore, we believe,  that should he be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize,  this will  greatly help the Copts in their fight against oppression and discrimination. For your convenience, I am enclosing the letter which was also posted on our web site.   Moreover I am including the link to my 7th article concerning the tragedy of El-Kosheh which met the interest of numerous members of the European Parliament. 

Thank you for your support.

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