Copts between Mubarak and Obama

The head of the Egyptian regime canceled his visit to the United States which was scheduled to take place on May 26th, 2009. On the other hand, before Mubarak’s cancellation, the White House announced that President Obama was to visit Egypt on June 4th and address his new policy towards Arab and Muslim countries. I am wondering why Mr. Obama announced his intention to visit Egypt just ten days after Mubarak’s visit to Washington after the May 26,2009 meeting.

The official information indicates that Mubarak canceled his visit to the United States due to the death of his grandson. Certainly losing a human life, especially that of a very young man will have a negative effect on any human.

The question is why did President Obama announce that he is going to Egypt knowing that he was the one that requested to meet with Mubarak in the White House?

In spite of the tragic event which occurred in Mubarak’s family, I feel that a plan B was presented to the American administration concerning an eventual cancellation of Mubarak’s visit. In reality the Egyptian regime dedicated a lot of time and effort to make Mubarak’s visit to the White House the most successful visit in order to achieve ultimate results.

Mubarak has been leading Egypt for almost twenty eight years. Many human rights organizations labeled him and his government as a dictator and antidemocratic. Coptic organizations indicate that Copts are living in the worst modern era under his leadership. Meanwhile, Mubarak is over eighty years old and he is planning to hand the country to his son.

In visiting the United States I believe Mubarak was hoping to be able to introduce his own reality about Egyptian democracy and obtaining American blessing to pass the power to his son. However, Mr. Mubarak realized that Copts living in North America are disappointed in what has been occurring lately towards their families and Copts in Egypt. They have been protesting against him and his regime. For several months the Egyptian regime sent his political ambassadors in an attempt to secure a successful visit.

The regime pressed the Coptic Church in and out of Egypt hoping to gain results. During that period messages coming from Egypt signaled that the regime was interested in changing. No one trusted what was coming out of Egypt, especially because these events are transpiring just before that visit, and all that has happened in the past has been forgotten. Furthermore, there was no warranty given by the Egyptian regime that it would keep its promises.

The situation worsened before it got better due to the irresponsible acts of the swine flu. The massacre of Egyptian swine was in the Egyptian parliament for over three years. The Egyptian regime took great advantage of the swine flu scientifically known as H1N1 to kill one of the Egyptians sources of income.

The whole world finally understands the real face of Mubarak’s regime, and Copts in the Diaspora announced a huge protest to take place next to the White House during Mubarak’s announced visit.

Plan B had to be activated, but the loss of Mubarak’s grandson made it easier. The pain of a man that lost his grandchild is great, but canceling a state visit sounds strange to me, especially after all the effort, travels and meeting.

Mubarak preferred to activate plan B in order to avoid embarrassment. He would have more power to press the Copts, their Church, and any appeaser to stand in line to show Obama that there is no discrimination or oppression in Egypt. Egyptian democracy is functioning, what is said out of Egypt is said by enemies and people who sold themselves to our enemy. Mubarak would have the Coptic Pope, various bishops, and others in line with Obama to confirm that every Egyptian has his right to believe.

If Mr. Mubarak changed his visit to the United States due to protesting plans made by Copts in and out of the States, this means that the Coptic movement has started to have a part in the Egyptian foreign policy. There are over one million Copts living in the United States. I am unsure if President Obama is aware of this fact and if he plans on using them to help in his re-election. I am also unsure if he is planning to question Egyptian leaders about the daily aggression against Copts in Egypt?

The change promised by Mr. Obama during his election campaign should be also addressed and emphasis during his visit to Egypt. The new administration of the United States is trying to paint a new image in the Arab and Muslim world as well as internationally.

Those of the Coptic faith, which are over eighteen million in number, are a part of this world. The Coptic dilemma is just as important as the conflict between Arabs and Israel, the population of Dar Fur, and other crises around the world.

Copts in the Diaspora are looking forward to see how Mr. Obama will address such a delectate matter. People that live as a foreigners in their own land, people oppressed for their faith, people that lost their right to have honest judges in a country where "law is equal" is just a phrase written on the wall in the court room.

Mr. Obama, while on your visit to Egypt, please look around and see the great country was and the misery that Egyptians living in it now.

Mr. Obama, you became the president of the most powerful country of the world, look after those Copts who are living as strangers in their own country.

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