Copts: it’s not Mubarak and his regime’s fault

The countdown for Mubarak’s visit to the White house is in progress. Mubarak will be in Washington and he will meet with the new democratic president. The elected American president will meet with everlasting president of Egypt.

This meeting is very important to both presidents. Obama is looking to change the look of United States policy toward the Middle East and is starting a constructive dialog with the Arab and Islam world.

Meanwhile, I believe Mubarak is hoping to convince the new president that he is the key player in the Middle East, and his is a democratic regime. I believe he is tough on the people of Egypt because he feels that they do not respect democracy. Furthermore, Mubarak is in great need of the blessing of the new administration for the installation of his son as his heir.

I wonder what Mubarak’s answer would be if the American president questions him concerning why he has been president for a quarter century? But over all, what has he done to bring his people to understand and respect democracy? Furthermore, what happened to the billions of dollars in aid sent to those unfriendly Egyptians?

The reality of the problem is not Mr. Mubarak, his regime, or Nasser and his military action back in 1952. The problem is the Egyptians. I point my finger first towards those who accepted the military action and never fought for their freedom; then towards Copts that never engaged in serious action to enforce their identity and rights.

A lot of Copts living within Egypt may consider that fighting for their identity and rights would not cause results but more trouble. Others living outside would worry about harming their relatives in Egypt. The two may be right, certainly it’s hard to overcome a situation established over 1400 years ago, and I acknowledge that. However I do not believe it is impossible to change the situation. I am certain that if all the citizens cooperate this could be achieved.

Regarding those who believe that our actions will hurt those living in Egypt, I would to like emphasize that even if no action is taken they will still be hurting. In order to make my point, herewith some examples of what has happened in the last few months:

– A Coptic priest is in jail for marrying a man and woman who submitted a false document. The priest did not have an obligation to verify that the official document was false; his only duty was to verify that these people wanted to establish a new family with their own will.

– A Church was closed down because Arabs of Egypt were offended by its construction.

– Any converted Christian is discriminated against. Voice of the Copts learned that the Egyptian regime is using psychiatric hospitals to torture converted Muslims and to press them to use heavy drug.

– Using the swine flu scientifically known as H1N1 to eliminate the swine from the country. As I stated before, this action is a clear indication of a plan forcing Islamization. The whole world condemned the swine slaughter. Furthermore, the barbaric action used to eliminate those pigs is not acceptable..

Voice of the Copts; never made any recommendations to the Egyptian government concerning its action towards Copts or other Egyptians opposed to its policy. Today the Egyptian situation reached a point that requests serious attention from the entire free world, but first from the Copts themselves.

There are over 2 million Copts in the Diaspora. All of them have relatives in Egypt, and most of them try to help their families economically by sending money. If each Copt is transferring $100 a month, that means $200,000,000 is arriving to the Egyptian government and is being used in helping its economy. I suggest that all Copts in the Diaspora stop transferring money to Egypt for the month of June.

Our suggestion is based on one thing, which is to make the Egyptian government aware of the following:

1- Copts are Copts in or out of Egypt.

2- If our people are suffering, no one would enjoy our foreign currency.

3- It’s our interest that all Egyptians may live without any discrimination or oppression.

4- Our fight against the unjust regime is not with bombs or terrorist attacks, we will use our minds and our money and we will win.

Meanwhile, Voice of the Copts is appealing to the whole free world to look into its plan of economic aid to Egypt, overall in sending live animals.

Furthermore, we are demanding the Egyptian government to compensate for each unjustly killed pig, two pigs (female and male) to who was unfairly economically damaged by such barbaric action.

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