Why Investing in Egypt is Unsafe

Certain information has to be said without compliments or political correctness. Being that I was born in Egypt it is difficult to speak badly about my native country, especially since I hold a great love and admiration for its history, ancient civilization, and majority of its people. 

Egypt is a wonderful country with potential to be one of Earth’s paradises. It’s geographic location and history naturally attracts investment.

Though some Egyptian patriots may disagree with what I am saying, there are two points which I must make.  

The first was the news published in an Egyptian news paper indicating the interest of the Egyptian government to encourage foreigners to invest in Egypt. The plan is to give free land in the Egyptian desert which is to be developed by outside investors.

The second is the swine war between the regime and the poor people who are raising those swine to make a living. 

In Egypt the regime has been addressing westerners through its daily media as "Kaffers" and financing a jihad. Meanwhile, outside Egypt and using foreign languages the same government has been inviting those unbelievers to invest in Egypt. The aim of inviting western investors is to develop the country. In little less than sixty years of military leadership Egypt has become a third world country.       

When Nasser nationalized Egyptian industries along with agriculture in 1960, the world believed that this was a socialistic ideology. In reality, Nasser nationalized Coptic, Jewish-Egyptian, and foreign assets.

Nasser’s action was not so much a socialistic idea as it was a plan to remove economic power from the hands of a social class of people. In fact his actions did not stop there. Egyptian-Jews were deported along with other non Egyptian residents. 

Since the regime is allowing its own media to discredit the west, I wonder why the same government is opening the opportunity to those same westerners to invest in the country.

This is a case of the Taquiah used by Arabs achieve their goals. In order to validate my point some information on the swine war is needed.

The people who raise the swine are living under the poverty line. Their main work is collecting garbage. They live in the garbage together with their pigs. Raising domestic animals such as chicken, and rabbits in certain areas of Cairo is normal. Raising pigs for those who live among the garbage is a necessity for living; those pigs are fed with the left over food collected. In fact the pigs become part of the garbage business.

Killing those pigs means indirectly killing their owners.

The puzzle is how can a government request foreign investors to develop its country while it is destroying a source of income. Egypt imports a great deal of food. A percentage of this food is meat. Meanwhile there are over eighteen million Christians living in Egypt whose faith does not prohibit eating pork. When you kill the pork Egypt is producing you are creating more expenses due to the additional imports the country must now buy. Furthermore, until the moment of this writing, there is no information about one case of H1N1 in Egypt. 

If the real reason behind the Egyptian swine massacre is public health safety, it would be a better idea to relocate the pig farms and the garbage in an adequate area. This would develop decent housing for those who are trying to keep the country clean. What about a law that prohibits raising animals in houses?  

As stated in a previous article, killing pigs is part of the Islamization of the country. In fact, the health minister was quoted in one of the Egyptian newspapers saying that this was a bill proposed over three years ago and that authorities took advantage of the flu named after swine to eliminate the pigs from Egypt.  

This statement allows the Voice of the Copts to appeal to the international community and its leaders.To the Italian government, Parliament, and Senators, the United States Government and Congress, and to European Parliament members, to demand the end of this unjustified killing of non-infected swine. We at Voice of the Copts request that at least 20% of the Egyptian aid to be dedicated to those that are unjustly oppressed and discriminated against by the Egyptian regime.

Any international body involved in supplying aid to Egypt is to create a committee to manage the percentage of aid dedicated to those who are going to suffer hunger. They are also to assure that the aid be handed directly to those citizens without transitioning through the Egyptian government.  

Voice of the Copts hopes that the Egyptian government may amend this decision and resolve this matter wisely for the benefit of Egyptian citizens.

On the other hand we trust that the international community and its leaders would never close their eyes and ears; knowing that there are two million people living under the poverty level. Without the swine population, these people would be facing hunger and death just because they are raising PIGS!

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