Muslim BrotherHood refuse to observe “Al-Adah feast”

It is no suprise to see that the great Guardians of Islam, "Muslim Brotherhood", have no regard for the greatest Islamic Feast.

Unlike very other egyptian entity enjoying the 3 day public holiday celebrating the Eid (in one case by burning coptic homes and shops), the brotherhood are too busy attacking the Government via the webpage. All media outlets in egypt are closed, but NOT the Brotherhood. Allah and Mohammed can wait till the bortherhood secure their prescence in parliament. In their latest spool of perversion of events the brotherhood posted the following:

"Brotherhood faced 600 Arrests So Far Tuesday, November 16,2010 21:54

Egypt’s ruling regime has revealed that it is incapable of keeping its promises regarding the elections. The Muslim Brotherhood has been targeted since the group’s chairman, Dr Mohamed Badie, announced it would participate in the elections.
To date, over 600 Brotherhood candidates, campaigners, and supporters have been arrested in the run-up to parliamentary elections, with over 250 remaining in custody.
Most recently, security forces arrested MB supporters in Monoufeya, Beni Suef, and Assiut attacking candidates and supporters in Alexandria. The arbitrary arrests have not just targeted men; women have also been arrested and taken into police headquarters.
The Brotherhood members have been unfairly denied an equal allotment of TV advertising, even though all the other independent candidates have been assigned 5 minutes by the Information Ministry to present their electoral platform."

Again the "Muslim Brotherhood", in their masterful art of attempted deception are showing they are "as thick as reinforced concrete and have the IQ of morons".

Truth be told, if any one is "INCAPABLE" it is the prehistoric beast known as the brotherhood and not the Mubarak Regime.
I would remind the Einstein’s in the outlawed, banned, unwanted, rejected Brotherhood, it is indeed they that are INCAPABLE of understanding,

1) That according to the Koran, there first duty is to "Allah and respecting the holy feast and refraining from their political agenda during Islamic festivities". (I note the rest of Egypt has observed the holiday, including government, media etc).
2) They are a banned organization.
3) They are legally NOT allowed to use religious slogans as part of the election campaign. "Islam is the solution"
4) Egypt is a "democratic nation with a constitution" and not an Islamic state.
5) The world can see through the smoke screen of deception.
6) Democracy is not based on a conglomeration of religion and politics.
7) They are the mother organization that is the root of all evil resulting in illegitimate offspring of Islamic terrorists.
8) They worked with Hitler and the Nazi’s against Egypt, and all Egyptians.
9) They are the root cause for the persecution of the Copts.
10) They have single handedly succeeded in the "disgrace of islam".
11) They have started the demise of Islam over the planet.
12) Their contempt and continued defiance for Egypt’s laws is the reason they are rounded up like dogs in the streets.

If any one is "INCAPABLE", it is the Brotherhood not the government. The Brotherhood might believe their own lies and rhetoric within the vacuum of their skulls, but surely they are no so stupid, ignorant and retarded that they seriously think the world actually believes any of their nonsense.

Come 28 November, the brotherhood will feel the wrath of rejection, just as their unholy brothers in Bahrain and Jordan did in the last two months. You are well past your expiry date, good for the waste bin.

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