Muslim Brotherhood Tactics, and Connections to world wide Islamic terrorist Organisations

The Muslim Brother Hood have hit the brakes and done a 180 degree turn much to the shock of muslims and non muslims in the west.

In a weird and new strategic tact the MB have openly and forcibly condemned Al-Qaida for the threats to the Coptic Church, accompanied with a 48 hour dead line demanding the release of two non existent converts to Islam.

The story of these two women, both wives of priests is a sordid story that has been amplified by the media through out the Islamic Middle East. The end result has been mass weekly demonstrations and threats against the Coptic people, His Holiness Pope Shenouda III, and at least one Bishop by radical Islamists in Egypt.
The demonstrations have been dominated by filthy cursing, insults, threats and directly attack His Holiness where he has been called a "PIG" and that his "grave has been dug in preparation". The resorting to such low acts has never been opposed by the Brotherhood, and shamed every tolerant and civilised muslim living in the west.

Suffice to note the majority of those demonstrating are hardcore supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and do not necessarily express the views of the majority of the 70million muslims living in egypt.

If we examine the current climate in Egypt, we note this is an election year.

The Muslim Brotherhood are desperate to repeat their performance in the 2005 Elections.

Sectarian division and playing the anti Coptic card was a strategic move by the Muslim Brotherhood to gain notoriety, exposure and support in the upcoming election. Thankfully they have fallen on their own sword.
Getting back to the condemnation of the threats against the Coptic Church, let’s wind back to the core of the problem.

Where did the fabricated stories relating to these two women start? In Egypt

Who propagated the rumour to incite civil unrest? The Egyptian media and other Islamic Middle Eastern Media outlets.

Most importantly, who fabricated the story? Look no further than the Muslim Brotherhood.

Have they been able to produce once gram of evidence to support these fabricate stories? NO

The irony is, the Muslim Brotherhood at not time made any efforts to denounce or condemn the attacks against the Coptic Church by radical Islamists within their midst.

The Muslim Brotherhood have fully exposed their unethical, underhanded, immoral betrayal of Egypt. Their absurd double standards are now highlighted by their condemnation of the same issues they fabricated and propagated.

They have apparently now seen the light and are taking the highly ethical road of been tolerant and protective of the Coptic church. It really is amazing, the Muslim brother hood are Bi-Polar and suffering schizophrenia.

In the wave of world wide condemnation against the threatened attacks of the Coptic Church, the Muslim Brotherhood had no other option but to join the band wagon of condemnation and like wise condemn the attacks. More so their actions disclose the influence they are able to yield in Egypt in regards to suppressing radical islamists.

It is such a shame they did not exercise this influence at their own instigation after the fabricated allegations were first aired.

It is even more shameful they did not yield this influence after the first barbaric demonstration was conducted after Islamic Friday prayers months ago. These demonstrations were conducted without respite on a weekly basis through out Egypt.

The Muslim Brother Hood has never ever come out and spoken in support of the Coptic minority in the past. It simply was not in their interests, and persecution of the Copts was in fact on their agenda and one of their aims.

For the Muslim Brotherhood to now come out and condemn any threat to the church, is a clever, pre-meditated, strategic, self serving exercise in damage control, and a very desperate bid to stem the growing tide of world wide opposition and denunciation of the Brotherhood.
It is time for the Muslim Brotherhood to realise that god does not a pack of men like them as gate keepers of Islam. Nor does Egypt need or want a political movement based on any religion or any form of Islam. The Egyptian people NEED a political movement that unites all Egyptians with the sole ambition and drive been, introducing true democracy in Egypt, a democracy that will drag Egypt out of its current "slum status" and aid it in catching up with the rest of the civilised world. Egypt can remain its current "barbaric Arab" mentality and status. As state previously Egypt needs a "united brother Hood" front not religious segregation and division.

The deceptive tact by the Muslim Brotherhood will not pass under the radar. The absolute tolerance of the persecution of the Copts by Egyptian Muslims will not be forgotten. The fabricated lies against the church utilising the private situations of two women will not be forgotten. The scrutiny of the Muslim brotherhood will not cease until they no longer exist as an entity.

The hardship, fear and bloodshed suffered by the Copts as a direct result of the propaganda disseminated by the Muslim Brother Hood will not be forgotten.
The Western world supports and encourages the Mubarak Regime in all its efforts to totally eradicate Egypt of this illegal, banned and outlawed radical sect.
Mr Mubarak is to be commended for his strong stance against any entity that seeks to bring social disharmony, religious or racial intolerance or promote disunity within Egypt. The Muslim Brother Hood is the only group in Egypt that seeks to utilise any means irrespective of the consequences for the advancement of their agenda. The Muslim Brotherhood are, an outdated, expired, draconian, prehistoric sect diametrically opposed to true freedom, democracy and most definitely incompatible with modern day standards.

Little does the world realise, Mr Mubarak is infact doing the entire world a priceless service. The Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt are directly or indirectly associated with every radical Islamic terror organisation in the world. Eradication of this sect will make the world a better place and allow the world to focus and concentrate on growth rather than the all consuming war on terror. Had it not been for the fortitude and courage of Mr Mubarak in rounding these unruly dogs up over the past months, it is any ones guess as to the consequences for Egypt, the Copts and the whole Middle East region.

Mr Mubarak’s drive towards democracy has not been stopped by the bolder of the Muslim Brotherhood. Mr Mubarak has crushed the bolder into pebbles and started to clean the streets of Egypt of this cancerous curse that has plagued Egypt since 1928. He must be supported by every nation in his efforts to exterminate this pestilence from within Egypt.

Muslims and Non Muslims are totally opposed to the attack of any religious denomination by any other religion. The unscrupulous tactics of the MB are abhored and rejected by Muslims and non Muslims. We collectively congratulate Mr Mubarak on his efforts in ridding egypt of theis sect and demanding unity and tolerance irrespective of creed or religion. The acts of the unruly Muslims and the MB have only seved to harm the reputation and good standing of the muslim people in non muslim host nations. Muslims abroad utterly reject any discrimination by any islamic sect or person against any other faith. We are treated with respect and dignity abroad and abhor the anti islamic sentiment resulting from actions by radical islamists all over the world. Mr Mubarak is a TRUE muslim leader acting in dignity and righteousness against any force that challenges national unity and peace. He is a model for every other Islamic Nation to follow. Lebanon and Palestine can do with such a leader to suppress the radical islamic gangs "HAMAS" and "Hezbollah" causing division and preventing peace at the expense of their own people. These two countries need to follow his example and totally crack down on these divisive people and lock them up as he has done with their parent the MB.

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