Muslim Brother Hood Desperation and Deception

When one reads of the condemnation of the vile threats aimed at the Coptic Church by the Muslim brotherhood, their rebuttal is viewed with scepticism. How seriously does one take such condemnation from the MB?

Presently the Brotherhood are running for elections on 28 Nov, and are been systematically rounded up by the security police. Their organisation is out-lawed in Egypt and their slogan "ISLAM IS THE SOLUTION", defies current electoral commission laws banning the use of religious slogans during elections. The slogan in it’s self is the paradox of democracy, equality and liberty, and distinguishes the Egyptian people based on Creed.

The Question has to be asked, "What interpretation of Democracy does the Brotherhood have in mind, when their main aim is pursuing Islamisation and eventually Shariah (Islamic Law)?

In their struggle for survival, It has become absolutely necessary for the MB to deny that "Islam as a religion has any connection to violence or terrorism".

However the fact is, since its inception in 1928, the Muslim Brotherhood (Hizb al-Ikhwan al-Muslimun) has profoundly influenced the political life of the Middle East.

Its motto is very telling:

– Allah is our objective.

– The Prophet is our leader.

– The Qur’an is our law.

– Jihad is our way.

– Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope."

The MB has not changed one word of the motto since inception. The motto is their foundation stone and divine goal. Of course, the Brotherhood represents Islamism as opposed to Islam. The MB is in fact an Islamic army determined and inspired by specific suras of the Koran in pursuit of world domination and shariah, the Brotherhood are soldiers of Islam.

The MB cannot afford to fail in this denial and the denial strategy is usually pursued through sophistry and rhetoric. That is, the Brotherhood claims that Islam is unfairly associated with terrorism while other religions such as Christianity, Judaism are not.

Thankfully no other religion sets about terrorising the world and overcoming them by stealth. There is no other religion as dangerous or comparable to Islamic terrorism. To make such a comparison we would have to look at ideologies such as Nazism, communism, Marxism etc…

No less than three reports have been released in the past 3 months that clearly identified the Muslim brother hood as a major threat to world peace.

A report recently issued by the Hudson Institute discusses the origins of CAIR and its founders/leaders in both the Palestine Committee of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood and the U.S. Hamas support infrastructure. Investigative research posted on GMBDR had determined that CAIR has a long history of support for fundamentalism, anti-Semitism, and terrorism.


– Secondly "Shariah: The Threat to America" – An exercise in competitive analysis, Report from Team "B" II". This comprehensive report has been compiled by some of the most prominent experts in the field and it as must to view at the least.

– Thirdly a report released by the baker institute on the rehabilitation of Radical Islamists. This is a very insightful report into the war against Islam, disguised as war on terror to remain politically correct. There might be madness in the method!! Or maybe is there is method in the madness?

In consideration of all matters the condemnation by the MB can only be described as a desperate attempt and a premeditated attempt at deception and "LYIING". Can any one trust the Muslim brotherhood when it rejects the threats on the Coptic Church? Their aim is not to protect the church, their sole concern is the "association of Islam with such criminality, hatred and bigotry".

If the Muslim Brotherhood expect any one to take the seriously they must first re visit their motto. Unless they change their underlying principals and goals, they can never be trusted. The motto is an oxymoron, a paradox, a total contradiction of words, action, goals and aims. Their Motto promotes no sense of democracy.

The pathetic discriminatory and bigoted slogan, is un deniable evidence of their true intentions and desires and that is an ISLAMIC state, not a democratic nation..

The real test will be if the MB promotes amending the Egyptian constitution by revoking the first clause "no law shall over ride Islamic shariah law".

This very law is the major stumbling block and impediment to a tidal wave of reforms begging to be implemented for the sake of the betterment of Egypt.

The Muslim brotherhood can not simply state "it promotes democracy and tolerance" when they have failed to actively pursue it in any manner.

Again I reiterate their slogan speaks fathoms about their desires and objectives.

The fact of the matter is Islam is not merely a religion. It is an all encompassing ideology that will control and regulate every aspect of a society at the discrimination of non Muslims.

The MB denies Islam is a political system, yet they want a political system based on Islam, the sums do not add up here.

If the Muslim Brother Hood wants to be taken seriously, they need to wind up their organisation and create an organisation called the "EGYPTIAN BROTHERHOOD". This first step would pave the way towards a true democracy, where all Egyptians can unite and pursue a common cause as patriotic Egyptians irrespective of been Christian or Muslim.

Egypt is lagging further and further behind every day. It is time for true reform.

I say all this, as this year has been extremely hideous for the Coptic People. With shootings, attacks, demonstrations, slander, media attacks, kidnappings, forced conversions and the litany of violations goes on.

With the Shootings of 7 January 2010 after celebration of xmas eve mass, the trial is yet to proceed. Put the shoe on the other foot and Imagine if a Christian opened fire during Ramadan? I can just imagine the backlash……

The fabricated stories of conversion by two women who are both Priests wives. Aside from the fact it was all fabricated, incite-full and bigoted attempt to commence an assault against the Copts, whose business is it anyway? Who cares what they do? It is for those two women and who ever they choose to involve, no one else’s buisness. The Muslim community really need a reality check.

Egypt has become an ugly movie for the rest of the world and the west to watch with horror and revulsion.

{How in Gods name do you have freedom of religion when at the same time Islamic shariah laws prevent you from having freedom of religion? Were the law makers smoking Hashish when they wrote the constitution? In addition their Koran requires them "to respect and oblige the rule and law of the land?}

So exactly what part of Islam and the Koran does the Muslim Brother Hood adhere too?

Then we had a Bishop QUESTION a sura in the Koran relating to Christ. The country went ape shit, mentals at every corner, What happened? It wasn’t a declaration of war, it was a mere question that the Islamists and media propagated to achieve a specific aim, "attack the Copts". Does Islam understand "No reaction is the best reaction" and no one would have ever heard about it.

After watching the radicals jumping up and down like monkeys without trees to climb and demonstrating, cursing, swearing and making threats, the only conclusion is are mental unruly barbaric radicals, and if that is ISLAM, keep it away from the west.

Then we had a nutcases like "WAGDY OMAN" a member of the Muslim brother hood making incite full videos with the most outrageous allegations, threats and insults posted on tv, YouTube, internet and apparently distributed on CD by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Why did I mention all this? Simply because in the context of the condemnation made yesterday by the MB, the Muslim Brother Hood have NEVER, EVER come OUT and DENOUNCED, condemned or refuted such attacks on the Coptic Church in any way shape or form?

Yet they now expect us to take them seriously, fair dinkum who are they kidding?

Muslim Brotherhood, sorry guys, not today!!! Clean up your own backyard first, stop the attacks against the Copts from within Egypt first; you are setting the example for the rest of the Islamic radicals. How can you condemn these threats and attacks when the Coptic people are exposed to the same dereliction from within Egypt on a daily basis?

Show us some true reform and action from within Egypt, then other Islamic radicals might follow your example and respect the Copts. All the MB have done is tell other Islamists DO NOT treat the Copts as WE DO.

The statement made by the MB yesterday is a self serving politically driven rhetoric, full of "hollow words three ½ weeks out from the election".

To the MB, the statement is not going to save your bacon".

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