Mubarak’s Easter Package of Taquiah

This Easter the Egyptian president sent the Copts a greeting in the Diaspora. Some of the greeting’s points were discussed in previous articles.

The president’s propaganda anticipating his imminent visit to Washington does not surprise anyone who is following the daily developments of issues in Egypt, the Middle East, and the Arab world.

In analyzing a few words included in Mubarak’s greeting to the Copts, I found a clear use of the "Taquiah". In order to make it clear, an explanation of that Arabic word is needed.

Taquiah is an Arabic word which stands for a lie. Taquiah is allowed on three occasions:

–         In war.
–         From a husband to his wife.
–         In order to cause reconciliation within a group of people.

Whoever lies in each one of the occasions indicated above is not punished by Allah. Herewith are some references:

–         Yakoub Ibn Saad said, "I didn’t hear the messenger of Allah permitting Lying except in three occasions."

–         Om Kolthoum Bent Okba also said, "The messenger of Allah said the one who lies trying to bring reconciliation with people is not considered a liar."

Lying in war and to one’s wife are not our subject, the reconciliation with people would be the one of interest.

The Egyptian president has stated for the past twenty-eight years that he is the president of all Egyptians. Furthermore, in Mubarak’s Easter greeting (04/11/09) the president confirm it again when he stated that in Egypt the faith is a personal issue but the state is for all.

My question would be, is Mr. Mubarak using "Taquiah" when he is addressing Copts and non Arabic Muslim states? The reason of my question is based to certain facts occurred in Egypt. The facts reported here represent a very small part of the Copts’ daily dilemma.

Less than ten months ago a barbaric attacked by Arab Muslims took place in an ancient Coptic monastery, Abu-Fana. The Egyptian government did nothing to protect the unarmed monks or the valuable and historic building. Three monks along with a farmer who was working at the monastery were kidnapped. The monks were released after twelve hours of torture but no word has come out about the farmer.

The important thing is no official statement was released to condemn such a barbaric action.

Girls were kidnapped, raped, and forced to convert with the blessing of Mr. Mubarak’s law enforcement. In these four months of 2009, nine Coptics girls were kidnapped.

People are in jail just because they were praying without a license to pray.

A priest is currently in jail because he celebrated a wedding to a converted woman; the Egyptian court system accused him of accepting a false document. The same law never condemned a Muslim pleaded guilty for killing a Coptic.

The official Egyptian newspaper, TV, and radio programs have one goal which is the defamation all other religions; focusing on Judaism and Christianity.

Defamatory books are printed by the Egyptian government against Christianity.

The list of oppression and discrimination is 1400 years long. This short analysis only includes a few things that are typical in the daily life of the country.

The president knows very well how Copts are trying to live their lives by following the teachings of Christian faith, including the respect of their earthly leaders.

With this same respect we at the Voice of the Copts are asking Mr. Mubarak to stop using the Taquiah and follow what he himself said:

All citizens are treated equally and the state is for all; everyone is free to worship whatever they want.

Having the Sharea law applied to people not of the religious majority is not possible.

Once again Voice of the Copts is demanding the immediate removal of that article.

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