Emanuel 4 years prays: “Papa Jesus let my Mummy get out and heal her”

Original article in Arabic by Rasha Noor,translated into English by Voice of the Copts. I spent a wonderful time on Saturday, 27-12-2008, when I visited the lovely two children, Emmanuel Georges (4 years) and his brother Carlos (2 years) Thabet Guirgis Rezkallah, sons of our sister Martha Mikhail Samuel Rezkallah, who was previously called Zainab Saed Abdelaziz Abu Abu-Laban, before she converted from Islam to Christianity. She was arrested, along with her husband, Fadel Thabet Guirgis, at Cairo Airport on 12.12.2008 on boarding an Air France flight to Russia, to escape the persecution under which all Christians in Egypt suffer. She is now in Kanater prison since fifteen days pending case No. 16225 of 2008. All the defendants in this case will be presented to the judge on Tuesday, 30-12-2008.  We pray to the Lord our God for them to be released. I sat down with Emmanuel and Carlos, and after we played, drank juice and ate sweets, I tried to wipe off that expression of utter sadness from the boys’ faces. I then took Emanuel in my arms and began to ask him what happened to his mother Martha? And how they were arrested? Little Emmanuel’s face (four years) turned pale, his eyes filled with tears, as if there was something hurting his feelings to remember. He told me,  "Mummy, Martha, the  officer and the policemen caught her and Daddy Fadel and they took us inside, I stood with Carlos on the side. The officer kicked Mummy very hard with his shoes in her stomach and hit her very hard with his fist in her face…the whole time in her stomach and her face".  After a little silence, he said, "Mummy, always told us if anyone hits us or insult us, we should tell him ‘Papa Jesus forgive you’". "Then we went to another place, two older men beat her, and were pulling at her clothes, Mummy was covering herself and was crying very hard. After that Daddy Fadel took us, he was crying very hard and told us ‘say goodbye to Mummy Martha because you will not see her again’". I asked Emanuel to pray, he said, "Papa Jesus let my Mummy get out and heal her (wounds from the beatings)… let my Daddy get out and heal him (wounds from the beatings) … Papa Jesus forgives the wicked men who beat Mummy and Daddy. Let them be your children, and then they will not beat Mummy and Daddy again". Emanuel began sobbing and said, "Papa Jesus, let them come out, so we can go to church .. prepare the Manger, celebrate Christmas and Reverend Father will give us the Christmas presents after the Christmas Party, and see Father Christmas and the baby in the Manger… Papa Jesus let Carlos sleep well, drink his milk and eat well…Papa Jesus let me get better from my cough and my cold and Carlos too…Amen" My heart nearly stopped and I could not stop crying while listening to Emanuel’s prayers, which shows the greatness of Martha and her relationship with her heavenly Father, and how close she is to the Lord Jesus. I came out of there; saying if you want to know what kind of tree, look at its fruit.  I cannot sleep until now, because Emmanuel’s words are still ringing inside me. I am confident that the Lord, "In all their affliction He was afflicted, And the angel of His presence saved them; In His love and in His mercy He redeemed them, And He lifted them and carried them all the days of old"  Isaiah 63:9 We at ‘Egypt for Christ’ Ministry, ask everyone to pray until everyone is released on Tuesday 30.12.2008: Sister Martha Samuel Rizqallah, Brother Fadel Guirgis Shehata, Engineer George Hanna Markus alias George Abyad and lawyer Mas’ood Guirges Mas’ood Fam*  We call on the Government to implement the articles of the law and citizenship, by allowing Muslim converts to Christianity to obtain the documents which permits them to exercise their Christian faith in full freedom, equal to converts to Islam whose complete documentation is changed in less than 24 hours.  * The judge renewed on 30.12.2008 detention for a further 15 days pending Investigation for everyone, except for Mr. Fadel Thabet, husband of Martha, who was released, but was again detained by State Security Service in Alexandria and no one knows his whereabouts.  All organs of the Ministry of Interior deny holding him.





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