Loyalty to Islam: No Borders

The U.S constitution has been in existence for more than two hundred years and is based upon the conviction that a civilized nation is built on freedom and human rights.

The first amendment of the United State’s Constitution states,

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

Accordingly, Americans enjoy the freedom to live by any faith and speak freely about their beliefs. Anyone on American soil for even a few hours knows the value of our first amendment rights. History shows that European immigrants longing for a better life came to America to find prosperity in a democratic land as do the Mexicans coming across our borders today. They kept their identity and celebrated their heritage yet swore allegiance to America as they strove to assimilate the culture and values — enjoying freedom, believing in it, and going to war to preserve it. Today’s second and third generation Americans, hearing the personal stories of parents and grandparents who left their homeland to start a new life in America, take for granted that all those now coming to our country from foreign lands are motivated by the same dream. It would be safe to say the majority of Americans assume this about our new Arab-Muslim neighbors. However, this assumption deserves a closer look.

From the aftermath of WWII until now, America’s appetite for oil and high demand for new consumer markets made a perfect partner to the oil-rich, goods-deprived countries of the Middle East, and money began to flow into corporate entities and bankroll Islamic royal families. With unprecedented purchase power, wealth in the hands of Islamic loyalists is now more than ever being used to make inroads into American culture. This money can be seen in the purchase of real estate, the construction of mosques which include Madrasah (Islamic school), endowments of America’s universities, and the financing of candidates running for office.

No time in the history of America has power, influence and money been a key component of immigration of a particular group as we see it today. Likewise, no other time in American history have we witnessed the building of an infrastructure on American soil by foreigners with an agenda to further their own separate, incompatible ideology and legal system. Loyalty to Islam has no borders and takes precedent over allegiance to the flag of any nation, including America. Muslim-Americans serving in the U.S. military or working for our government naturally experience this conflict.

In order to identify the pattern of Islamic immigration and its consequences it is necessary that we look into the histories of other countries where we see Islamic religious doctrine playing out in societal changes to suit Islamic doctrine within the occupied country. Arab-Muslims seek to dominate by aiming to erase the identity and culture of the conquered population and replacing it with a desert culture dating back 1,400 years. The history of Egypt, before and after the Arab occupation, is an excellent model of the Arab path and methods.

Arab-Muslims never integrate into a new society to become a part of it because their allegiance is first to Islam. Recently a member of the Egyptian Parliament who was also a member of the Muslim Brotherhood stated he would not have a problem if a Pakistani-Muslim ruled his country, but he would never allow an Egyptian Copt to have the same right. Copts living in Egypt are the descendents of the ancient Egyptians and would logically have this right; however, his conviction was based on what all Muslims are taught, to put Islam first before duty to country. Islamic doctrine states that no kafier (Jew or Christian) can lead or command a Muslim believer.

In Egypt, when Islam grew to become the majority religion, freedom of religion, as we know it in the Western world, took on a completely different meaning. The Omranyah conditions, mandates and restrictions placed upon Egyptian Coptic Christians by the invading Arab-Muslims, were issued at the time of the Arab takeover of Egypt. As it illustrates the supremacy of Islam and the suppression of a minority faith at that time it continues to form the basis for the oppression of the Christian population by the current Mubarak regime as follows:


Christians are not permitted to build a Monastery, Church, or monk’s cell, and not allowed to renovate what is damaged.

ï‚· Christians may not forbid any Muslims to stay overnight in their church for three nights, serving them food.

ï‚· It is imperative that Christians respect Muslims and not forbid any of their relatives to convert to Islam.

ï‚· It is imperative that Christians accommodate Muslims, leaving them their seats when Muslims need to sit.

ï‚· It is imperative that Christians not dress similar to the dress of Muslims.

ï‚· Christians are not permitted to ride horses, carry swords or sell liquor.

ï‚· Christians have to cut their hair in front and buckle their belts around their waist.

ï‚· It is imperative that Christians conceal their crosses and book.

ï‚· Christian dead may not be buried next to a Muslim cemetery. Christians cannot cry over their dead.

ï‚· It is imperative that Christians keep low voices in their churches, the same for their musical instruments.

ï‚· Muslims can do whatever they like to any Christian because they are slaves and without free will.


Our dilemma lies in the fact that the American people, as well as others in the West, are simply unable to grasp the Arab-Muslim mentality because to understand it we must be outside our Western mind-set. By reaching beyond our borders and focusing on both the accounts of the oppressed non-Muslims within Arab countries and parallel examples around the world, we may begin to understand the goals, motives and thinking of this particular culture.

Muslims come to the U.S. to join their colleagues and families, open mosques and worship freely. In addition, their accompanying religious legal system (Shariah) rules every aspect of a Muslim lifestyle and forms the mind-set and practice of Muslim culture. This is strikingly different from the Christian way of thinking. In Matthew 22:21, Jesus confirms the concept of separation of church and state by saying, "Give to Cesar what is Cesar’s, and to God what is God’s." There is no similar concept in Islam because Mohammad was both the political and religious leader.

Arab-Muslims living in America experience true freedom of religion because they are allowed to worship freely as a minority religion. In most cases, the countries they have left behind do not have this practice, but have religious-run governments with no tolerance for other faiths. Arab-Muslims do not immigrate to America to find religious freedom because they are able to practice without hindrance in their homelands.

It does seem likely that practitioners of Islam here in America are not subscribers to the Bill of Rights for the long term, but instead choose the precepts of Islam and the verses which dictate their actions. As sweet words are spoken, the sword is drawn and ready, as in this quote translated into English from one of the basic Islamic reference books: Sahih al-Bukhari 6924—Allah’s Messenger said, "I have been ordered to kill the people till they say, ‘there is no other god but but Allah’(‘La ilaha illallah’), and whoever said La ilaha illahllah, Allah will save his property and his life from me."

The United States is indeed at a crossroads, and it is time to put aside our political differences in order to defend our liberties. Our freedom is a way of life and a treasure which we are obligated to protect, and we must acknowledge that we are accepting those into our country who now constitute a serious threat to our values. Islamic immigration with the implementation of Shariah law is not assimilation into the U.S. of America but rather a distinctly different intention. We must not be silent on this issue but find the courage to speak out to defend our precious freedom here on American soil.

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