Mr. Maher El Gohary a Muslim converted to Christianity

Dott. Arch. Ashraf Ramelah, President and founder of Voice of the Copts

On April 4th 2009 the Egyptian court system requested that Mr. Maher El Gohary (who converted to Christianity) submit a certification indicating the change from an outside Church to the Coptic Church.


Mr. El Gohary, now known as Peter Atanasios, requested for Fr. Metieas Nasr to be his spiritual priest.


The Coptic priest issued a Church certification that indicates that Mr. Atansios is a member of the Coptic Orthodox Church.


The Coptic Church again demonstrated its courage to the Egyptian regime and the entire world; the same courage that the Church has displayed for nearly two thousand years.


This certificate was the last request made by the Egyptian court in order to officially acknowledge Mr. Atansios change of religion.  


If the court would grant such a change the door would be open to millions of converted Muslims too scared to reveal their new faith.




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