Greece: An Economic Titanic

Greece is the cradle of Western Civilization and the inspiration of the founding democratic principles and values of the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Currently, the Hellenic Republic faces a huge economic crisis due to socio-economic and political corruption and a fail French styled welfare system. This system was established in 1974, after the collapse of the Greek Colonels and the returned of Constantine Karamanlis as the political Messiah of Greece. That system encouraged political cronyism, which expanded under Andreas Papandreou the first socialist prime mister of Greece and the first naturalized American citizen to rule Greece. Moreover, the New Greek system encouraged impunity for the powerful, various abuses of public office, and the plundering of state coffers. Moreover, this specific system created a phony picture of economic success for Greece. When the bad news reached the Greeks, they realized the party was abruptly ended. The government had no choice to introduce a severe austerity financial program. The Greeks reacted with strikes and demonstrations. Some of the demonstrations changed to riots due to anarchist and illegal immigrant elements. These riots cost the life of four people, who worked in a Bank in central Athens (one man, two women, and an unborn child). Also, the rioters came close to storm the Greek parliament.

Greece reached that level of crisis, because the political leaders are unable to show strong and decisive leadership. George Papandreou, when won the elections in October 2009, wasted time to emphasize and reemphasize that the conservatives drove the country in this financial mess. His political strategy was and is to guarantee a long tenure in the executive branch for the socialist. That exacerbated the financial situation. He created a picture that Greece was a Titanic. Eventually, Papandreou gave free hand to the International Monetary Fund, and the European Union to handle the Greek economy. That means as it was mentioned above the adoption of severe austerity measures for the Greek society and economy. Recently, Papandreou’s undersecretary of finance make the statement that PASOK planned the austerity program not the IMF. Finance minster George Papaconstantinou referred to "radical changes" to change the tax system as well as the retail markets. Papandreou said that his government waging a war for the country’s economic salvation. The Greek government tries to cover the truth that the Greek financial team has no plan for any foreign investment.

New Democracy under the leadership of Antonis Samaras is soft in opposition and plays the populist sentiment. Specifically, The former leader Constantine Karamanlis the nephew of the elder Karamanlis has not come out to defend his action as prime minster. Moreover, Samaras, who is treated as a new conservative political Messiah has engaged in a political struggle with Dora Bakogiannis (former Mayor of Athens during the Olympic Games in 2004, former foreign affairs minister of Greece, and the daughter of the conservative politician Constantine Mitsotakis, who was the prime minster of Greece 1990-1993). Samaras had allied with the socialist in 1993 and Mitsotakis lost his majority in the Greek parliament. Samaras excuse was the disagreement over the name regarding Macedonia. Mitsotakis in July 1965 left the Center Union the political party of George Papandreou the grandfather of the current prime minster, which resulted in the resignation of the Center Union government.

Currently, the New Democracy voted no for the IMF fund and Bakogiannis yes together with the socialist and the Populist Orthodox Rally/The People’s Orthodox Party, which is the other conservative party in the Greek parliament. That resulted to remove her from the conservative party as a member. The aforementioned evidences illustrate that Greek politics exhibit a vendetta style life and it is family business.

The Greek communist want to start a new civil war and even some members of the communist party declare that they do not recognize the Greek constitution. They want to create a totalitarian Stalin type state. On the other hand the extreme right wing groups want to create a fascist/nazist style state. They do not realize that Hitlerian Nazism was the heterozygous twin of communism. Despite being traditional enemies and emerging from dissimilar histories, share several common traits. Their goal was to achieve and establish a perfect society by uprooting the evil that hindered its creation. They claimed to be philanthropic because they sought the good-one of all mankind. This ideal gives rise to enthusiastic devotion and heroic acts.

In addition, the Greek people as always blamed a foreign power intervention for their political and financial problems; this time again is the USA and various European countries such as, Germany. Some Greeks fear or hope that the century old two party system between center-right and center left will collapse, which has exhaust the national exchequer/treasury. With this financial crisis evidence vividly show that Euro failed together with the European Union. The Germans use the Union as their vassal state. The media in Greece is also confused with exception vary few publications such as, the magazine ta pragmata-the matters, which present a realistic analysis very unique for the Greek journalistic world. Greece is like Odysseus lost in sea looking for Ithaca and Penelope. However, this time Penelope meaning the USA asks for responsibility and economic sacrifices to accept Hellas to her arms. Anti-Americanism does not help the Greek cause or populist politics emanating from socialist, conservative, or communists. If Penelope closes her hands, Greece has to face Poseidon meaning the international arena alone. That could be very detrimental for Greece, because she is located in a very dangerous zone with blood thirsty neighbors.

Financial and political forums in the USA look suspicious Greece, because throughout the years evidences indicate that member of the socialist party were members of the terrorist organization November 17. Furthermore, various Greek governments have supported dubious leaders such as, Slobodan Milosevic the butcher of the Balkans, Vladimir Putin, the Kurdish communist party, the various terrorist Palestinians groups, doing business with Saddam Hussein, supporting Iran, and currently talking with Hugo Chavez the president of Venezuela. And to top it off usually when Greeks receive financial assistance, it goes in the pockets of corrupt politicians right and left.

Greeks need to start behaving as the Ancient Greeks. That means they need to adopt what Thucydides argues in the Peloponnesian War. Greece needs to reconnect with the Ancient, Hellenic, Greco-Roman, and Byzantine heritage, which were the founding fathers of globalization and international economics. Greece needs to fight this economic crisis as emperor Theodosius I designed the Byzantine strategy to fight the enemies of the Byzantium. The Greeks need to see the reality no illusions and conspiracy theories. Economy, defense, and foreign policy do not have room for emotions or phony sentiments of social justice. Greece needs a true capital system free of phony regulations, based on privatizations, foreign investment, elimination of the trade unions, and a private health care. Socialism and Human liberalism is another form of governmental dictatorship. Greece needs the ideas of classical liberalism. Capitalism is good for the soul. Where capitalism delivers but cannot inspire, socialism inspires despite never having delivered. Socialism’s history is littered with repeated failures and with human misery on a massive scale, yet it still attracts smiles rather than curses from people and specifically from Greeks. That needs to end one day.

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