Greece and the War on Terror

Greece throughout her history has battled jihadist terrorism, despotism, and totalitarianism. The Athenian Empire, Alexander the Great, the Hellenistic Kingdoms, the Greco-Roman power, the glorious Byzantine Empire,

the Greek War of Independence, and the Greek independent nation-state are strong historical examples of tremendous courage against jihadist aggression. Greece was the bastion of freedom and protector of the Christian faith. Specifically, the Byzantine Empire close to a thousand years was the protector of Greek Eastern Orthodox Christians. Her troops defended the Christian faith with great courage and endurance.

Currently, various Greek governments such as, the socialist administration of Prime Minister Costas Simitis, the conservative Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis and the current socialist Prime Minister George Papandreou have provided a small token military assistance to the American effort. The argument that various Greek and Greek-Americans leader provide for the lukewarm Greek military assistance is that the United States supported the dictators in 1967, and supported the Turkish invasion in the island of Cyprus in 1974. However, the aforementioned Greek beliefs are erroneous, mendacious, and misleading. For both aforesaid historical events Greek politicians carry the burden and not the various American positions on these matters. Various Greek statesmen failed to understand the operations of the international system thus, a variety of Greek governments lost crucial opportunities to promote and safeguard the complex and sensitive Greek national interests via the pernicious avenues of the global labyrinth. This failure resulted in the weakness of Greece. However, the United States has been since 1947, the guardian of the Greek democracy and its values, ideas, and beliefs. American assistance defeated the Greek communists and created modern Greek armed forces. In addition, American advisers strengthened the Greek economy and the Greek socio-political system.

Athens needs to stop being the Trojan horse for the interest of the various jihadist interests, the government of Costas Karamanlis needs to entirely support the American effort on the War against Global Terrorism and Greece must return to the Judeo-Christian values and beliefs. It is ridiculous that various Greek and Greek-American leaders want to destroy the Christian values of Greece for the purpose of promoting pseudo religious cults. These phony ideas promote appeasement. The trouble with accepting or tolerating evil, of course, is that while we are close our eyes, the evil itself only strengthen across the globe.

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