Letter to Hon. Jim Karygiannis, P.C., M.P. Scarborough-Agincourt 

From Mark Harding: Sir.   I don’t believe that anyone in their right mind would support persecution of anyone anywhere for any reason and I know I don't. I commend you and your office for doing a lot of work on this issue and I do appreciate the hours you have spent trying to make heads or tails of it all.

You have sent me some material on the persecution of Christians in Orissa, India, thank you. I am very aware of it and have sent government officials in India requests to look in to this situation. As I understand it the Hindu’s are upset at the conversion of some of the Hindu worshipers to Christianity. Well nothing can stop the Christians from telling others the good news and I suppose this reaction is expected. What can be done if anything is to have a meeting with their elected officials by a Christian Pastor from nations were Hindus and Christians live together, like Canada. Perhaps if we show the situation in Canada as a model they will be moved to do the same there. Of course if this does not work than perhaps removing visas should be considered as an option. 

But as to the Christian persecution in Egypt and in fact in every Islamic society that I am aware of, the reason is not the same. The reason is plainly that Islamic teachings are the sole reason for this persecution. Shari laws of course are contrary to our Canadian laws and they invoke hatred and intolerance towards all non-Muslims, but I am sure you are already aware of this. However it would appear by your samples that you have sent me that much has been overlooked.

For example, you say that aaccording to statistics from the World Fact Book, the population of Egypt in 2007 was recorded at 80,335,036 and consist of the following religions – 90% Muslim (mostly Sunni), 9% Coptic and 1% other Christians. Yet back in 1997 according to Dr. Paul Marshall in his book titled "Their Blood Cries Out" there were up to 13 million Christians. Do you think that up to 5 million Christians left their faith to convert to Islam for whatever reasons over just a mere 10 years?? I believe that such a mass exodus of Christians was not through conversion but rather from persecution which would have caused these same Christians to leave their homeland in mass for safer places to live . Also sir may I mention that that I have many reports from many Christians of our immigration officers being Muslim that would not allow Christians to come into our country because of their faith? I am sure that if Canada did a survey of Christians immigrants living in Canada today they would tell you of the harshness that our Brothers and Sisters had to contend with trying to get into our country only to be denied because a Muslim rejected them because of their faith, this is not just limited to Egyptian Christians but from many of the Islamic societies around the world today.

Further, I noticed in the report that you had sent me, that nothing was mentioned about the Egyptian education system. Why must Christians be forced to memorize the Quran? Is this considered to be except able according to UN standards? Why are Christian girls in Egyptian schools forced to wear the veil? Why no matter how excellent their grades, are Christian students excluded from positions as professors? If Christians are to be treated normally within the boundaries of human rights in Egypt, why then are they not given positions of authority in the Military or as Judges or in higher ranking government positions? Why cannot a Christian run for president in Egypt?

Perhaps we can fluff this all off by saying that we must remember that in fact Egypt is an Islamic society. But is not all the work that you have done based on Human Rights? What can we make of these then: 

Article 40 of the Constitution maintains, "All citizens are equal before the law. They have equal public rights and duties without discrimination due to sex, ethnic origin, language, religion or creed."

Article 46 further stipulates "the State shall guarantee the freedom of belief and the freedom of practicing religious rites." More Generally,

Article 8 guarantees "equal opportunity to all Egyptians."

Are we to say then that the Shari law is in fact discriminating in its justice against Christians or other visible religious minorities? Because if we are finally willing to admit that then we can conclude something that we have been trying to tell the Canadian Government for well over 30 years of sever persecution of our Brothers and Sisters in Christ, the fact is that ISLAM teaches discrimination against Christians Jews and other visible religious minorities living in Islamic societies around the world and that in fact there are no different Islamic teachings found here in Canada from those in Egypt or any Islamic society around the world today.

Again Sir let me thank you for your great efforts in this problem of Islam persecuting our Christian Brothers and Sisters. You are slowly starting to see the real truth about Islam. I hope you will take a final leap as the Dutch Member of Parliament Geert Wilders has done.

Please examine these reports and give me your comments sir.






Thank you

Mark Harding.

P.O. Box 397

Teeswater Ontario

Canada N0G 2S0

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