H.R.H. King Abdullah Ben Abdul-Aziz Al Saud

Your Majesty; With the year 2008 coming to an end, many of us try to analyze what they have achieved during that year, in order to improve on their actions and plan for the coming New Year. Lately, while I was reflecting on the highlights of this ending year, I was intrigued by your efforts and determination, alongside other Arabs leaders, in approaching western leaders, to start an interfaith dialogue between the Arab and Muslim countries on one side and those “infidels” as you and your media consider them, on the other. The real purpose in participating and hosting those multi faith dialogue conferences seems to be, in actual fact, an effort on your part to stop religious defamation!!!!!!!!! Another important reason for your efforts was your firm intention to counteract and improve the negative image of Islam and its own portrayal in the western world, after the tragedy of September 11, 2001.In fact, the beginning of the second semester of this year saw several meetings and conferences held in various countries, like the State of the Vatican, Spain and the United States of America. Your efforts reached its desired goal when the General Assembly of the United Nations approved a motion for a new resolution against free speech sponsored by your country and other so-called Arab and Islamic states, which was opposed by the Western countries. The resolution passed by 86 votes to 53 with 42 abstentions, and now the whole world is called upon to adopted this new resolution, know as (A/C.3/63/L.22/Rev.1) or “defamation of religions and religious hatred”. The resolution only specifically mentions Islam. One thing which struck me, when reading the list of the voting countries to see who supported it, who opposed it, and who stood on the fence. The list showing the names of the eighty- six countries who voted in favor of that resolution, consisted only of countries that deny their own people their basic human rights, as well as their religious and political freedom. Each one of those countries, including your own, have a long list of discriminations and oppressions against political opponents, and religious minorities.  Your Majesty; My question now, after the adoption of this resolution, are you planning to start another tour, this time of the Arab-speaking and the rest of the countries who voted in favor, to ask them to begin implementing the recommendations of that resolution? Or is this resolution to be used in the way you planned it to be used????  Your Majesty; Please forgive my frank way of saying things as they are, in fact, we at Voice of the Copts do not use political correctness, we call things with their real names. Here are a few important issues, that the whole free world would love to see them solved by the eighty-six countries, which made it possible to pass this resolution: – To stop the oppression against the political opponents and the religious   minorities.– Freedom of faith, and to stop the persecution of those who want to change  their religion, specially those Muslims who want to convert away from   Islam. We are asking for the same treatment as that given to a non-  Muslim converting to Islam, to be also extended to those Muslims wishing  to leave Islam.– As you are asking for freedom to practice your religion in countries  with a Christian majority, we are asking for the same freedom to  practice to be extended to other religions in countries with a Muslim  majority. Finally, I would like to emphasize a few concerns to the western political leaders and citizens, regarding those visits and this new resolution: His Majesty paid a visit to the State of the Vatican, although his country does not have diplomatic relations with it.  I also wonder, if there is a precedent in history, where a head of state presented a weapon as a giftto a Pope, or any religious leader, as the Saudi king did?   Furthermore,the King offered a sword, a weapon used for killing, to the Head of Christianity(religion of peace), in spite of that, the Holy Pope accepted the gift. What would have happened had the Pope offered the Holy Bible to the King? Would the King have accepted it? Especially that it is a crime to have a Holy Bible in Saudi Arabia. In Egypt, the Saudis have succeeded in exporting to it their own brand of Islam, which breeds extremism; a new way of life that is strange to the Egyptians, but which had a great effect on them, due to it being religion-tinted; Is the King of Saudi Arabia able to restore the harmony and respect that previously existed between those people, instead of the hate and destruction which is now prevailing?  Your Majesty; In all the Arab countries there is no respect for another religion or faith, there is no respect for human life or rights. Churches and Temples are being attacked, girls are being abducted, and children are being taken by forces from their Christian mothers. Now that there is a new UN resolution concerning religious freedom and respect, which was aspired to and lobbied for, mainly by you, so how soon can we expect to see its effect??????? 



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