The Crime Committed by Ayman Nour Against the Rights of the Copts

I hesitated in writing this article about the crime committed by Ayman Nour against the rights of the Copts, all throughout the period of his imprisonment on forgery charges, for which he was sentenced to five years of which he spent nearly four years behind bars.

What prevented me from writing was that I felt that the man was going through a predicament and due my belief that he was innocent in the case that he was charged for.

I not only refrained from addressing any blame or reproach to Nour but I was among the many Copts who have joined in with a group of honorable Egyptian in the defense of Ayman Nour.

Now that he got his freedom, I would like to extend to him and the great Gamila Ismail my heartfelt and sincere congratulations.

We were all pleased with the surprise of his release, which was the accumulation of the efforts of a great number of Egyptians, in the forefront of whom were the Copts, led by Mrs. Gamila Ismail who campaigned for his freedom and who never lost heart for nearly four years.

May I be allowed by Ayman Nour, to address to him this reproach?

First, we are not holding you in gratitude for standing by you in your crisis, because standing by you is an honor for us, because our defense of you, is the defense of our imprisoned homeland, a homeland that lives in our hearts wherever we go.

Since it was us, who drank from the ‘cup of injustice’ and still drink, we are all well aware of the extent of its bitterness, and cruelty, and hence, we were more sympathetic with you and your case and were the most ardent fighters for your freedom, because we are aware of the extent of the suffering experienced by the Oppressed.

But the crime committed by you against our rights, we the Copts, will never be erased from our memory with time, especially as it is coupled with the biggest crime committed against the Copts in Egypt in the last ten years, the murder of twenty-one Copts in the village of Al-Kosheh, Sohag Governorate.

When the the British House of Commons were discussing the massacre of Al-Kosheh, Dr. Ayman Nour, has set himself the task of defending the killers and the criminals, in front of the British House of Commons.

He echoed what was told by the regime, which has put him behind bars five years later!!!

That the incident of Al-Kosheh, was an isolated incident which may occur anywhere in the world and in any other village.

He defended the State Security and the security men, despite the fact that all honest Egyptians knew that the Al-Kosheh incident was masterminded by the Security, and had it not been for the shortcomings and transgressions of the security men there would have been no incidents in the first place.

Nour put all responsibility on Bishop Wissa of Balyana, describing him as one of the most radicals, as if Bishop Wissa was the one who took up a rifle and fired on his own Coptic children.

All this was done by Ayman Nour while the blood of the innocent victims had not yet been dry, the tears of the Copts were still running, their wounds still bleeding and their heads still bowed with humility.

Oh! Oh! of the pain of the broken spirits, the humiliation of men, and the bowing down of the souls, those who were not spared by Ayman Nour, he who did not have mercy on the tears of the Copts; instead of consoling them in their affliction, he went on to defend the criminals who have committed the crime.

Ayman Nour has been the reason for the loss of the rights of the Martyrs of Al-Kosheh after successfully playing down the crime at the international level, which had the biggest impact on the perpetrators going unpunished and of obtaining an innocent verdict following that.

The efforts of Ayman Nour, has helped in not having any individual of the security men to be held accountable for his shortcomings in the Al-Kosheh massacre. Instead they were all promoted and transferred from the province of Sohag which is full of problems to remote areas which they have never dreamed of, as a reward for their implementation of the massacre.

Of course, Ayman Nour was not the only cause for all this, but he was an influential and effective factor especially that the Egyptian regime has been known to rely on foreign public opinion much more than the internal one.

Ayman Nour has succeeded in spellbinding the international public opinion, paving the way for the Egyptian government to fabricate Al-Kosheh case, in the way we have all seen.

Some Copts spoke of the disgraceful role played by Ayman Nour in the Al-Kosheh case to Ms. Gamila Ismail, to which she responsed that she did not know anything about the matter and the Copts have to wait until the release of Nour.

Now, I am one of those who have been waiting and the time has come for you to respond to us and make an apology to the families of the martyrs, to their Bishop and to all the Copts.

Yes, we have defended you when you were wronged and we will defend you should you be wronged again.

But we will never again ever be your supporters until you correct your mistakes and amend your wrongdoings against our Al-Kosheh Martyrs….

Translated into English by Voice of the Copts

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