Muslim Women to the Norwayy Police Dept: We MUST Wear a Hijab police uniform

The Norwegian government's decision to rethink its earlier approval to amend the police uniform law to accommodate hijab is upsetting the Muslim minority in the Scandinavian country

This is an interesting debate.

Should Muslim women be allowed to wear hijab police uniforms while on duty?

Apparently this question was resolved by the except ness of the Norway Government but is now being given a second look.

Muslim leaders who always seem to get involved in these issues are "warning" that banning the hijab-clad Muslim women from joining the police force would be a violation of Norway’s constitution as well as the international law. "It restricts religious minorities right to work," said Brahim Belkilani, head of the Islamic League in Norway. Community leaders have launched an extensive and expensive media campaign to explain to the public the importance of the hijab. According to Belkilani "Muslim leaders have published many articles and talked to the media to explain that hijab is not a religious emblem but an obligatory code of dress that every Muslim women must wear".

If then we are forced to except these principles of religious concerns and practices as an argument for allowing women to confirm their Islamic religious beliefs thus proving that they are Muslims to the society at large while on duty, should we also not consider what being Islamic means and what principles we all will be forced to except? If promoting Islam, which is defiantly one of the main reasons for these women to do this, then should we not as well consider what that means to the police force and the public?

What are some of the Islamic beliefs associated with wearing the hijab?

Well there of course is the reasons of men not being able to control their lustful desires which attract sin and according to Islamic teachings this would be harmful for both male and female, these of course are some of the same old arguments used by Muslims in this debate. But there are other Islamic principles that we never seem to talk about too much and considering that these women would be working for the people these Islamic principles must be looked at carefully. For by allowing a Muslim to promote Islam in the police force we are therefore promoting Islam and all that it stands for.

First let us consider the principle of pedophilia. As a nation I believe that pedophilia is illegal under the laws of Norway and for good reason. Yet Muhammad was, according to the Islamic teachings, a pedophile. Not only did he commit the act of pedophilia, by marrying a small girl at the age of 6 and having sex with her at the tender age of 8, but also taught that having sex, not sexual intercourse or penetration, but rather sexual foreplay with a child as small as a baby, is legal. By accepting the right of women to promote Islam, then Norway will be seen as accepting and promoting sex with children.

Of course then there is the teachings of Islam that promotes the killing of Christians. This of course is illegal in every free society but this is not the case in an Islamic society, as can be proven by the very media itself.

If we are to see the truth about these Islamic teaching we only need to look at the terrible persecution of Christian minorities in most if not all Islamic societies around the world today, including Egypt, Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Sudan and even Iraq and Afghanistan. Of course this is a short list of all the Islamic societies that are torturing Christians burning down their churches and homes and in slaving women and children while the Islamic government including the police do nothing. Many are forced to except Islam and are told to memorize the Quran or be killed.

This is a true picture of what Islam is, and if Norway is to accept a Muslim women’s desire to promote Islam, by forcing the government and the police dept to allow her to wear an Islamic hijab, then they must except the fact that in doing so they accept these Islamic principles and teachings.

Is Islam a religion that we all can look up to for strong moral values?

If you thinking that the answer might have been yes, then you better think again, which is exactly what the police in Norway are doing thank God.

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