The Assyrian Universal Alliance wrote letter to President Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden

The Assyrian Universal Alliance wrote the following letter to President Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden to appeal for an Assyrian autonomous state in Iraq. The Assyrian Christians of Iraq continue to struggle for their indigenous rights in their ancestral homeland, Iraq. As Christians, Assyrians are the most persecuted nation in Iraq and the UN has reported the number of Assyrian refugees who fled to Syria and Jordan in the hundreds of thousands, and rising daily.

President Barrack H. Obama
The White House
Washington DC, 20500

Dear Mr. President,

On behalf of the Assyrian Universal Alliance and its affiliates worldwide, it gives me great pleasure to extend my warmest congratulations on your historical inauguration as President of the United States of America. At the same time, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and Vice President Joseph Biden for your continuing support of the Assyrian people; however, our work is not finished and our nation urgently needs your help.

We recognize the significance of your election and take this opportunity to equally congratulate the American people for ushering in a bright new chapter in the progress of civil liberties for U.S. citizens. We rejoice with all those who have struggled for a very long time to bring this significant era to fruition. Although the road has been long and difficult, they have kept the dream alive. As a nation that has been in a similar struggle for many centuries, we Assyrians feel a special sense of the joy, relief, and accomplishment that your election carries. As we fight for our survival, we hope that our cry for help will be heard by someone who intimately understands the predicament we face as a nation.

As you know, the situation of Assyrians in Iraq is dire and the recent news from Mosul, the heart of Assyrian ancestral lands, points to alarming deterioration of our nation’s status. With so many Assyrians having fled Iraq, the very survival of the Assyrian nation hangs in the balance. Our numbers are dwindling and our communities are being shattered. Should this continue, the world will witness the demise of one of its most ancient and historically significant nations.

We appeal to you to urge the Iraqi government to agree to the essential institution of an Assyrian Autonomous Region in the historical and ancestral Assyrian lands in Northern Iraq as part of modern day Iraq. This newly-formalized Assyrian region which will be administrated and protected by Assyrians under the jurisdiction of Iraq’s central government is crucial to the security and survival of our nation and will encourage Assyrian refugees, whether those internally displaced in Iraq or those scattered in Diaspora, to return.

We eagerly await your leadership in promoting the establishment of this Assyrian Autonomous Region and thank you again for your continuing campaign to ensure the survival of one of world’s most ancient nations. We look forward to meeting with you to further discuss our situation and implement strategies to secure the future of our people.

Sincerely yours,

Calro K. Ganjeh

Secretary of the Americas Region

Assyrian Universal Alliance

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