Voice of the Copts makes known the dangers of Islamic supremacy and Sharia and the plight of Coptic Christians through relentless advocacy, including writing and testimony. Arguing in favor of Copts, exposing those who persecute the Copts, and explaining the ideology that leads to the problems of co-existence, Voice of the Copts …

  • Holds press conferences relative to events in Egypt affecting the welfare of Copts.
  • Gives testimony before Parliaments in concerned nations.
  • Represents and defends Copts on issue-based panels concerning minority oppression in Middle East countries.
  • Meets with Christian leaders to explain the Coptic situation in Egypt.
  • Grants interviews in print (U.S., Italy, Egypt, and Israel) and appears on radio talk shows that present programs about persecution of minorities in the Middle East.
  • Contributes articles to websites that educate and advocate for freedom and justice around the world.
  • Informs counter-terrorists, national security NGO’s and government bodies about the current, past, and potential future conditions facing Copts.
  • Joins with other voices in the West to advocate for U.S. and European policy positions toward Egypt, petitioning lawmakers to take a stand on behalf of the Coptic community.
  • Actively promotes a stance for freedom and justice for Copts by holding protest rallies at the U.S. Capitol, Washington, DC.
  • Connects with human rights organizations around the world to raise awareness about the Coptic situation and stands against religious supremacy.
  • Makes our position known to representatives in the European Parliament.